Brenden Curry
Staff Writer

The Marauders snapped their recent three game losing streak by defeating the Bloomsburg Huskies, 11-10. The Marauders then lost to Mercy College on April 1.

“We are a team that learns from our losses instead of dwelling on them,” senior midfielder Jamie Damirgian said. “The games prior to Bloomsburg weren’t easy games and we put up a good fight.

The teams they lost to were good teams. Whether the team is ranked or unranked, they go into every game with the expectation to win.

“I think that we learned a lot from these losses and I honestly think if we had another chance to play these teams, we could come out with a different outcome,” Damirgian said.


Damirgian noted that beating Bloomsburg on the road was a big win for the team. What contributed to their comeback win was the changes they needed to make in order to come up with a victory.

“It’s easy to get stuck in that rut,” Callie Kavanaugh commented. “We fought our way back goal by goal and truly earned a team win.”

Millersville’ sensed the urgency when the second half approached.     Being down 5-3 with the intention of snapping a three-game skid fired their comeback charge.

“It was important to be able to bounce back and get the win against Bloomsburg,” Damirgian said.

The second half went back and forth, like a ping pong match. Millersville went on a scoring surge, scoring four goals in the first half. Their 7-6 lead was dashed away by the Huskies who had an 8-7 lead at around the thirteenth minute.

The game was then tied with six minutes to go. It all then came down to a Jamie Damirgian pass to Kavanaugh, with thirteen seconds. Callie Kavanaugh scored for the Marauders with 13 seconds left in the game.

“I felt relieved that it went in and excited all at the same time,” Kavanaugh recalled. “I kept smiling.”

During that moment, Damirgian was just trying to stay calm, and give a good pass to Callie Kavanaugh.

“Callie [Kavanaugh] is a very strong lefty,” Damirgian said. “The fact that she was set up for a strong lefty catch and shot worked out perfectly.”

Jamie Damirgian had a standout game. She racked up five points in the win. She scored three goals and had two assists. Two of which tied the game in the first half.Kavanaugh’s game winning goal allowed her to become the fourth Marauder to tally double digit goals this season, with 10.

“I had confidence that as long as I gave Callie (Kavanaugh) a good pass, she would finish and make the shot,” Damirgian noted.

Mercy College

The Marauders faced Mercy College on April 1. They lost 19-8 to the undefeated Mavericks, who are ranked 17th in Division II.

“One loss doesn’t hurt our momentum, Damirgian said. “Losses fuel our fire to come out even harder the next game to make sure we capitalize on every opportunity and come out with a win.”

Down 3-0 during the with 20 minutes left in the first half, seniors Renee Landis and Jamie Damirgian bright the Marauders within one goal.  Freshman midfielder Sarah Leverentz scored off of a free position short to get the Marauders back within two goals. Mercy would go onto to score four more goals in the first half. Taylor Davis and Sabrina Fusco would add on to Millersville’s goals in the first half. Mercy would go on to lead at halftime, 14-5.

Fusco reached 20 goals for the season, which leads the team. Alongside Fusco, Davis and Landis would also tack on multiple-goal games each for the Marauders. The Marauders maintain their winning trajectory at 5-4. They are now 2-2 in Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference (PSAC) play.

“We are a team that really focuses on learning from our mistakes and taking losses as a lesson,” Damirgian said. “The only thing we can do is stay positive, work toward fixing our mistakes and continue to move forward.”