Nick Hughes 
Opinion Editor

“I am not a piece, I am a puzzle,” Brad Mannig said as he was being interviewed. It is this statement that differentiates him from others. He is adamant about helping others overcome their struggles. Mannig has conquered his own demons, that being him being on the autistic spectrum. Now he wants to help others by spreading his message of love and peace.

He does this by using his music. He plays the piano, and he has written 150 different piano pieces. His pieces have covered various emotions that he has experienced. He feels music is the only thing that truly expresses his emotions. “Who they truly are as a person,” Mannig said.

Mannig wants to bring true happiness to people, not just one person, but all people. He will do this by helping people be happy in this world by using his music.

He also uses his music to do this. “My music is powerful,” he says. He believes that you should feel good about life and not let trivial things get you down.

Mannig says, “I want to help people believe in their own potential by using my music. Which I believe to be the cornerstone of everyone’s foundation in their psyche.” He has a positive outlook on life and feels that he is destined to help people. His positive vibe is contagious to those around him.

He has made helping others his life’s aspiration. “My music is my soul talking,” Mannig stated, “It not only helps me, but I would like to believe that it helps those who hear it as well.

Mannig says, “My religious beliefs have created such a strong foundation in myself that I believe that I can not only do anything I set my mind to, but I can help others feel that way as well.” While being interviewed, Mannig received a text message that got him riled up and the passion that he has was shown fully. He feels that, “All people should be kind to each other and all people should be adamant about becoming nice and caring about each other. Nobody should start negativity.”

His vision is one of peace and love, and he believes that he can change the world with his message. He struggled with notions of other people judging you all through school. His struggles have shaped him to want to help, and he feels that using his success story will help him do that.

Having autism has not stopped him at all, and he wants to let others know that even if you have an issue, you can get through it.

“You have to work hard and it may be difficult for you, but you can do it!” Mannig said. He wants to travel the world and play other countries national anthems for them. He feels that other countries look at America as selfish, but he feels playing other countries national anthems would help bridge the judgment gap that other countries have towards America. He wants peace on earth and he feels that his music can do that.

“I want to spread my message by using the Snapper as a foothold to larger publications to spread my message more,” Mannig wanted to stress as he was being interviewed. He aspires to be on the Ellen DeGeneres show. He wants to be on the show so he can continue to spread his message.

Mannig has a YouTube channel where he has 40 of his songs on there. He wants others to look to his music as inspirational and heartwarming. He also wants to write a film and has many other aspirations. His story is heartwarming and needs to be heard.