Nora Long
Staff Writer

Looking for something to do this spring? Here are ideas to help you spring into action!

If you like hiking or being in nature, just 25-30 minutes from campus are two beautiful hiking gems. One, which is a big farther away, is called Kelly’s Run Nature Preserve, and the second is Tucquan Nature Preserve.

The trails can be what you make them, whether you want a short or easy going hike or you feel like going up and down the hills for a bit to see more sites.

Hiking experience ranges from none to very experienced at both of these beautiful hiking locations.

Kelly’s Run Nature Preserve is a local hiking location MU students can go to take a break from the books and get outside (Photo courtesy of Nora Long).

Want to experience Shoo-Fly pie? Check out Dutch Haven in Paradise, PA. Interested in looking into Amish history, culture, and lifestyle? Visit Amish Farm and House to see Amish house structures, farms, lifestyle, why and how the Amish live, and much more.

Maybe you’re more into the city aspect of Lancaster County, so take a trip into Lancaster city and visit Central Market! Not only does the city have amazing food and locally grown fruits and vegetables, but also souvenirs! Central Market is open on Tuesdays and Fridays from 6AM till 4PM and Saturdays 6AM till 2PM.

Interested in trains? Want to ride through the rustic Amish country aboard a train? Well, all aboard to the Strasburg Railroad Museum and Railroad.

Enjoy regular excursions aboard the railroad’s railcars. Specialty trips this weekend including a Bunny Train as well as a visit to the Railroad Museum across the road, featuring a majority of Pennsylvania Railroad equipment.