Creating photos of natural beauty: A story of a student entrepreneur

Rebecca Stahl
Staff Writer

Rachel Adshead, a 26-year-old junior at Millersville University, is transforming the art world with her creative and natural photography business.

Adshead is determined to make her own mark on society with all of the craziness that is currently going on in her life. She works as a resident assistant at a nursing home and runs her own photography company. She is studying forensic science, but has always had a creative talent and love for creating a story.

In her free time away from her most important tasks, her photography business and school, she sells her artwork online. On her shop, WhimsyLandByRachel, she creates different pieces of artwork, jewelry, clothing, among others, and sells them for a low price. By doing this, it helped her realize that she loves creating pieces of art that are affordable to the public, but that also give her a creative outlet to the busy lifestyle she lives.

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Starting three years ago, she took photographs of people for free, but it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that she started her own website. Being the ambitious person that she is, she created this website on her own, and began realizing that designing and managing her shoots was something that really inspired her.

Adshead pic.jpg
One of Adshead’s photos. Adshead believes in bringing out the natural beauty in both people and nature (Photo courtesy of Rachel Adshead).

As she covers more and more weddings, she’s beginning to realize that she needs another hand around. Adshead says, “I should probably get someone to help me. There’s a lot of editing to do for weddings it’d be nice to have another person there, so it is something that I need to look into.”

On her website,, she showcases her creative talent through both her gallery as well as through her blog. Her gallery is where she gets to show the accumulated photos showing off her more serious side, by including the portraits, small weddings and engagements, baby pictures, and senior pictures that she has shot. Her blog is where she gets to showcase her more creative and fun-loving side by including her promotions that pertain to a particular season or event, her film shoots of friends, and pictures of her dog, Fritz.

With her photography business, she hopes to change the way that not only photography, but people are seen in magazines, TV, movies, and so forth. Adshead is a natural photographer and so she captures the beauty in people and nature. In all her photos, she uses a natural lighting technique where she doesn’t change the lighting or the person or distort the image in anyway, but instead edits it to best shine light on the focal point in the picture. With this technique, she takes the beauty out of nature and doesn’t photoshop it to fit anyone’s ideal image. The idea that people are body shaming and scar shaming is ridiculous to her, because she believes that, “people are beautiful no matter what skin they’re in.”

Slowly, Adshead is starting to get her photography business recognized by companies and different showcases. Her first appearance was in the Ware Center and gallery in 2014. Her second appearance took place on the front cover of the George Street Carnival in 2016.

There is no doubt that Adshead has the ambition and dedication to be a great photographer. She wants to take her photography business as far as it will go, and join the likes of all the great photographers.

“I want to get away from weddings and baby pictures and focus more on the creative side of photography,” says Adshead. When asked if she ever wanted to be in Vogue or Cosmo, she says, “I want to make my own style of photography.Vogue is too picky and I want to make my own way.”