Made in Millersville shows off student scholarship

This event brought together students, faculty and community members alike, and showcased the works that these students dedicated their time to. Kaylee Rex/Snapper

Kaylee Rex
Staff Writer

Made in Millersville is an annual event that highlights Millersville University students’ creative and academic work. Students, individually, in groups, or in classes showcase their work through presentations, discussions, posters, visual displays, performances and experiments.

The event took place on the first and third floors of the library on Tuesday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The floors were filled with students meandering through the various exhibits and presentations.

Many students were required to attend Made in Millersville for class or extra credit.

The works of Sydney Klinger and other students were displayed at Made in Millersville on April 19. Kaylee Rex/Snapper
The works of Sydney Klinger and other students were displayed at Made in Millersville on April 19. Kaylee Rex/Snapper

Lindsay Saienni showcased her lesson plans for third graders discussing the Disability Rights Movement, involving the history and future of disability rights.

Brandon Mitchell presented a collaborative, three-month-long project conducted for a Climate and Society class. The project examines President Anderson’s goal to reduce Millersville University’s carbon emissions to zero and how the climate affects health in our area. Mitchell said he enjoyed being able to see other students’ work and ideas through Made in Millersville.

Isak Sindler and Emily Talamonti-Peyton wanted to create a hands-on exhibit for people to actually make something at Made in Millersville. His paper sculpture demo allowed participants to design their own paper bus, a common object throughout campus.

Delaney Costante presented a collaborative experiment that took around a year and a half to conduct. Through this experience, she learned more about collaborative effort and the research process.

Sydney Klinger created this project for her ceramics class and submitted her work after her class decided to enter together. Her project is based around a lost and found idea and creating a story with the objects she created. Through Made in Millersville, she learned more about how to present her pieces and how to work with others to organize a cohesive exhibit for the event.