WIXQ to host MUsic showcase

Julia M. Snyder
Managing Editor

WIXQ is hosting their Local MUsic Showcase this Friday, April 21. The show will be held in the Student Memorial Center’s multipurpose room, and the cost of admission to the show is three dollars.

Currently there are nine bands lined up for the event. WIXQ’s incoming Station Manager, Carl Schulz, is hoping to book one final addition to the line-up before Friday. All of the proceeds of the Local MUsic Showcase will be donated to the local charity Music for Everyone.

“The reason we chose Music for Everyone… was because a lot of the DJS and people here have this intense love for music, but a lot of them came from music backgrounds within their school and [Music for Everyone]…They do a lot to give to music programs that don’t have money, they do a lot for students who want to play instruments and can’t. We felt like MFE was the kind of organization that we could see our money go into something,” said Priscilla Mulrooney, current Station Manager of WIXQ.

The station is anticipating a larger audience for this event than at other events that they have hosted in the past. The Local MUsic Showcase was inspired by the concert hosted by WIXQ during the spring 2016 semester, MU Underground.

“The concert itself [MU Underground] was really great — the show was awesome, most of the bands were good but there wasn’t a lot of attendance,” said Mulrooney.

Ideally, the showcase had hoped to feature ten bands, but due to personal circumstances, Hybrid Sessions will no longer be able to perform at Millersville. Schulz and Mulrooney are hoping to fill the slot, and are still working to book that tenth artist.

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This year, Mulrooney and Schulz began the planning process earlier, and really threw their efforts into the show, beginning the process  early in the spring 2017 semester.

This event has been a personal pet project between the two station managers, and the charity Music for Everyone holds a special value for both members of WIXQ and members of the Marauder Music Productions, who will be present to help out with the show as stagehands.

“We wanted to do something for charity,” said Schulz. “so let’s kind of kick it into overdrive, get better bands with bigger names, get more people out, that way the more people that’s better for our name, better for the bands and better for the charity.”

Among those that will be performing, audience members will be able to find an artist that they’ll enjoy. The showcase is split into three sections that span Indie music, emo, funk and alternative rock as well as rap and heavy metal.

“If you don’t love the first band you hear you might love the second or third band so stick around for the whole night,” said Schulz.

Each band will be given a set time that spans from twenty to thirty minutes, depending on the amount of music the band comes prepared to play. Headliners of each section will be given forty minutes of stage time.

“[Bands] were kind of chosen as the headliners because they have more experience with that as bands… Memoria is frequently a headliner for shows in my area. Stargazer has opened for a lot of really big bands. We kind of chosed that based on the popularity and who they have opened for, just because that’s kind of how it works on other local shows,” said Schulz.

The showcase is split into sections because of the different types of music that will be featured.

“We wanted that layer because we figure if we mixed the bands and we put an indie band on and then a heavy band on that change of pace is kind of weird,” said Schulz.