Brenden Curry
Staff Writer

Millersville squeaked by Edinboro University on April 15 at Chryst Field. The Marauders won 11-10 in overtime.

Senior Renee Landis stated that it was exciting getting back in the flow of things coming together again that resulted in a team win.

“That win was much needed,” sophomore midfielder Natalie Sukanick said. “We know what we’re capable of and the team we can be when we play our game.”

Millersville controlled the tempo early. Senior Renee Landis scored twice in the first 11 minutes. One of the two goals was her 100th career goal. Sukanick stated that Landis has been a huge asset to the team. According to Sukanick, Landis controls our tempo on offense and a player we look for to make things happen.

Sukanick is also excited for her to reach the 100 goal milestone.

“It’s so great to see a teammate accomplish something like that because we see first hand just how much time, effort and hard work that goes along with that success,” Sukanick said. “We know it’s not easy, but to see the outcomes of what all that hard work can do is pretty great.”

Davis hadn’t thought about it at all. To her, that goal quite frankly wasn’t that much different from any other goal.

“It made me smile but I knew we still had so much work to do as a team,” Landis said. I’m just happy we were able to make it count along with all the other goals everyone contributed to get the overall win.”

Millersville would take a 3-0 lead off of Nathalie Sell’s goal. After Edinboro scored their first goal in the Renee Landis would then score two more goals in the first half. The Marauders were up 6-2 at half time. However, the Fighting Scots lived up to their name early in the second half. The Scots dominated the second half in scoring 8-4.

The game was tied at 10-10.

Landis admitted that the team shouldn’t had let the game get so close in the second half. Sukanick added that as a team, they lost focus in our game plan and started to relax.

“We saw first-hand what can happen when we checkout,” Sukanick said. “We now know what we need to do to stay mentally in the games to keep that from happening again.”

However, the extra period allowed the Marauders to regain the momentum. The Marauders were on the attack at the Edinboro end of the field.

Callie Kavanaugh and Erin Fagan’s back-to-back shots began the barrage. Landis fired a shot that hit the crossbar. Then it was Sarah Leverentz’s turn to end the game. She scored the game winner in overtime off of a penalty shot.

“Obviously it’s great to see an underclassman step up, but no matter whose stick that ball was in at the end of the game, they would’ve had our whole team’s support behind them,” Sukanick commented on Leverentz’s goal.

Sukanick thinks that moment said a lot about how her and teammates trust each other, no matter who is in the game.

“Fortunately, we were able to come together as a team and come out with the win,” Landis said. “It was certainly a team win!”

Millersville will play a road game on April 20 against East Stroudsburg. The Marauders are back within .500 at 6-7. Sukanick stated that coming off a four-game losing streak and then to win a game in overtime just shows Millersville is not giving up. They’re not going to stop until the season is over.

“I think in the midst of the season we lost focus of who we were and that win helped us gain some confidence back,” Sukanick said.