Best burrito buys

Mickayla Miller
News Editor

6. Chipotle

While Chipotle is a chart-topper for most, it falls flat in comparison to some of its other competitors. The E.Coli scandal aside, this chain is turning into a bare-bones approach to a burrito. Of course, there are a few things it has that puts it above other (i.e; selection of beans and salsa), but at the end of the day, Chipotle is where you’ll go for a very basic, but customizable burrito. It was perhaps one of the biggest game-changers in the food industry, but it failed to keep that momentum.

Pros: Actually has pinto beans, serves the function of a burrito if you’re in the mood for a burrito, provides very basic sustenance.

Cons: Lack of anything that makes them distinguishable as a whole.

5. Moe’s

Last summer, a Moe’s opened in Lancaster near Centerville Road. Their selection of ingredients is very okay; like Chipotle, this restaurant also serves the function of a palatable burrito. What sets them apart from the rest, however, is that they have a special on Mondays, consisting of a burrito, a drink and chips for $5.99. It’s cheap enough that one won’t mind springing the extra couple of dollars for some extra queso for their chips. Their salsa selection, which is open to the public, is pretty nice as well. It serves well as a chain, but isn’t much of a place one could consistently go to without being burned out.

Pros: Super cheap food on Mondays, has nice guacamole (that’s included free of charge on their Homewrecker burrito), forced enthusiasm from employees.

Cons: Very little originality besides the deal on Mondays; seems like a Chipotle competitor.

4. Qdoba

Qdoba is admittedly a pretty nice place to get your burrito or taco fix. Their queso selection is wonderful, and one never leaves feeling unsatisfied or underwhelmed by their selection of ingredients. While it may be incredibly similar to Chipotle, their food does more than fill a void. It gets kind of pricy, but if you live in the area they will occasionally send out flyers and coupons, making it a little easier on a college student’s wallet. They even have breakfast burritos for those who enjoy having heartburn first thing in the morning.

Pros: Amazing queso, adequate selection, just ‘feels right.’

Cons:  It gets a little expensive and the workers can sometimes be a little less than enthusiastic.

3. Roburrito’s

A local staple for the lovers of Lancaster and York, Roburritos (colloquially called “Rob’s”) is a charming little restaurant that provides chips, salsa and burritos for those who are hungry. One of the main perks the Lancaster location has is that their employees are some of the most chilled out and relaxed people, but they still provide quick service. In addition, the environment is modernized and definitely has its charm. The burritos themselves are pretty average, but what really makes Rob’s special is the amount of barbecue sauce offered. Everything from sweet to incredibly hot, their sauces are out of this world.

Pros: Location and atmosphere are top notch, pricing isn’t too bad, over 15 flavors of barbecue sauce.

Cons: Lack of customization and ingredient variety.

2. Silantra

Nestled in the heart of Lancaster city is a very atypical burrito joint; this restaurant is an Asian-cuisine experience. Their burritos are made on homemade scallion pancake wraps, for starters. Then, one can choose the basic chicken, steak or veggies as the base. But the toppings are where it gets interesting: they feature many ingredients that are centric to Asian dishes, such as cilantro and edamame. And their wasabi coleslaw? To die for. In addition, they have several different kinds of sauces, ranging from mandarin orange vinaigrette to sweet and sour sauce.

Pros: Different take on burritos, homemade wraps, wasabi coleslaw, so many sauces!

1. Neato Burrito

When driving on Fruitville Pike, it can be a very easy place to miss. The neon orange sign that says “Neato Burrito” admittedly looks outdated, but interesting. The inside, however, is a hipster’s paradise. Everything from the hanging light fixtures to the design on the tables screams “rad.” They have flavors of tortillas ranging from chipotle chili to whole grain, and they have rotating specialty burritos. Their burritos are large and in charge, and they are very hard to eat in just one sitting. But the food all tastes like it’s made with love, which is a very important aspect of any restaurant experience.

Pros: Best burrito in Lancaster, friendly atmosphere, specialty craft drinks, amazing food quality.