Nick Hughes
Opinion Editor

The Black Comb is a barber shop on Orange Street in Lancaster county. It is comprised of seven barbers. The barbers include, Jonathan Leitzel, Patrick Hatt, Paul Sheaffer, Evan Demers, Drew Rush, Nate Storck, and Santiago Herrera.

Leitzel is the owner of the establishment, and he started the business after being unsatisfied with the haircuts he was getting. According to the Black Comb website, “No one used a straight razor, or felt comfortable using scissors, as opposed to clippers.” It continues on saying that Leitzel prefers the precision of the past.

Upon entering the Black Comb, patrons are greeted with the scent of rocking good times. The whole time a customer is there is enjoyable. The barbers know their stuff, but also take a vested interest in their customers. There is also an old-style refrigerator that holds various drinks that customers can enjoy. The refrigerator features a bottle opener that is always fun to use. Mostly for the nostalgic value that it brings. The whole barbershop has that feel.

Dave Romano, a longtime customer, had this to say about the barbershop, “It’s the best barbershop I’ve ever been to. I’ve been a customer there for four years now, and I’ve watched it grow from a single-chair shop to seven great guys.” This is a sentiment shared by many customers too.

There have been a lot customers that can be heard saying this kind of sentiment while in the barbershop. It is a cozy little barbershop too, but one that is very inviting. The experience is the best part about the Black Comb. It is not the usual haircut. They use straight edge razors and scissors. The barbers do not shy away from using the traditional barber tools. Which is something that a lot of customers appreciate about the shop.

They also use lavender towels and shaving cream which always feels nostalgic when the towel goes over the customers face. The whole place has that nostalgic feel that many customers appreciate and will probably continue to appreciate.