Improv Molotov holds ‘dank’ performance titled ‘420’

Alexander Bershtein

Staff Writer

Millersville’s talented and hilarious Improv group held a grand performance last Thursday April 20, which was referred to as the “420 Show”. The cast included Alex Arnold, Eason Clark, Mike Falcone, Mike Garland, Riley Grimes, John Jones, Bridget Murray, Taylor Onkst, Lisa Shaffer, Josie Savicky, and Rasheed Wesley.

It was the last run of Improv Molotov for the Spring Semester and the last Improv Molotov performance for three of its stars. The show involved great performances, such as a soap opera involving a dog that thought it was a cat, two pirates and a koala on a rubber-ducky, and the last act of King Cozy, Snuggy, and Jonathon P. Moneybanks. It was the last hoorah at Improv Molotov for Mike Garland, Rasheed Wesley, and Alex Arnold, each of whom gave their thought on the performance.

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Mike Garland was credited by both Rasheed Wesley and Alex Arnold as “playing everyone.” Garland took charge of the vast personalities of characters. During the show, he stated, “One of my favorite characters was Soccer Sammy.” He explained that some of his characters, like the one above, were parodies of prior member’s performances.

Arnold was next, commenting on the fact that it took him three auditions to get into the beloved Improv group. “Freshman me was like, ‘There’s a group of people I could connect with, who could be my friends. And, they did become my friends! I think my best memory was before Improv and dreamed to be in Improv.’ ” Arnold talked about how the characters they play stick with them outside of the show. “I have people yelling, ‘Jonathon P. Moneybanks’!’”

Although, Arnold jokingly stated, “Rasheed’s been here since 1857,” Wesley responded, “I’ve only been here five years!” Arnold thought that was “close enough”. Wesley commented on the success of Improv Molotov during his five years in the group. As many might know, Improv Molotov has switched up venues quite frequently. “We used to be in studio at Dutcher, and then we [sold out] that. We moved to Rafters, sold-out that. [We] went to McComsey, sold-out that. And then were [at the SMC MPR) and we fill this!”

“Improv has been one of the best things ever to happen to me,” said Wesley, “I think it will be [what I remember] when I look back over my college career. It will be centered around Improv, the friends that I made, the whole things I have done.”
For those who missed the comedic event, there is an opportunity to watch the group on YouTube. They highly encourage people to see their past performances for a good laugh.