Melissa Glickman

Guest Writer


What’s the one thing that makes Millersville University so special?

Maybe the swans, the pond and the people make it a special place.

Whatever you think it is, sometimes it gets boring at MU. It’s okay to admit it! This can be especially true if you are living here in summer. Most of our friends are home  and there are only so many Netflix shows we could watch.

If you’re looking for some adventure, and an escape from binge watching, or a cool spot to take some unique Instagram pictures, there are seven great hiking trails close to MU.

Chickies Rock Overlook Trail: This is probably the most known trail for Millersville students. If you couldn’t tell by the name, it’s an overlook and not really a trail. Whenever you see those pretty sunset pictures on your friends’ social media, this is probably where they are.

“Although the hiking is limited, it’s still nice to take a break from school, sit on some rocks and clear your head,” according to Cameron Young, an upcoming senior at MU.

When you get there, parking is kind of difficult but once you park you are only about 100 feet from the overlook.

Kelly’s Run Pinnacle Preserve: You’ve probably heard of this place. It’s only a 30-minute drive from Lancaster City and another popular option for hiking trails around campus.

Turkey Hill Experience: Yes, you read that right. Turkey Hill. If you’re from Lancaster you’ve probably been here, it’s right by the Turkey Hill Experience. This place is just like Chickies Rock Overlook but it has more hiking options. The trail here is 12.3 miles long. After your hike, you can reward yourself with some ice cream: what an added bonus!

Mill Creek Falls/Lock 12 – This trail is in York Country so it’s more of a drive. This trail is along the Susquehanna River that had a canal that was used for lumber transportation. Several areas of the canal can still be seen but Lock 12 is the best preserved.  Lock 12 is where it has everything from cliffs overlooking the water to deep woods trials.

“If you like to climb rocks for a challenge add a nice view, you would love it,” said Brittany Stalleo, an upcoming junior at Millersville University.

Tucquan Glen–  The round-trip trail length is about 2.5 miles. Just like any other trail: a dirt path and a lot of trees. One thing that makes this trail different though is the designated “Archery Only” hunting area. If the only archery knowledge you have is from the Hunger Games, don’t worry, there are plenty of other things you could do here.

Cliffs of Conoy – If you love overlooks, this is totally the place to go! The White Cliffs of Conoy are kind of like the Lancaster version to the White Cliffs of Dover in England. This location has a newly paved path that makes it easy to get to the cliffs. Also, it’s easy for bikers and people with strollers to get around.

Shenks Wild Flower Ferry Preserve: Some people might not really count this as a hiking trail but it’s still worth a trip.  This is totally the place to go  in the summer  when all the flowers are in bloom. Although this place is more about flowers than hiking, you should check out the website before going because they offer guided tours.

These are just a few of the hiking options that the areas surrounding Millersville have to offer. Some of the trails are a far drive but the views the provide are worth the miles. So, if you find yourself sick of Netflix and wanting some adventure, grab some friends and check out these trails.