By Grace Nolan,

Staff Writier


The new and transfer students felt a sincere welcome during orientation. This eventful weekend began on Thursday August 24th. After checking in, moving in, and saying goodbye to old friends and family, we started orientation. The days that followed consisted of awkward icebreakers. Many meetings about effects of drugs, alcohol, and how to prevent rape, and making friends. Ones that could last a lifetime.

The projected 1,370 members of the freshman class split into orientation groups. Consisting of about 25-30 students in each one. Each “O” group then initiated events such as rock/paper/scissors and weird eye contact games to allow their group to “get to know each other”. Yet, at the end of the long weekend, friendships with my O-group 33, will definitely last a long time.

While talking to other freshman about the orientation, I did realize a common reaction to most of the meetings. We did online tests about rape and alcohol and drug abuse. The groups went to meetings about the same subject at orientation. Freshman believed that it was unnecessary to have to go to these meetings. This is because of their already known knowledge of the subject.

The American Ninja Warrior and the candlelight vigil at the pond were highlights of the orientation weekend. Some students even responded to the vigil as, “finally knowing that they belong”.

The orientation at Millersville University was a perfect introduction to new students. Filled with opportunities to meet new people. We made friends, and to finally being part of Millersville University. I can say with certainty that this year’s Orientation was phenomenal!