Millersville got a new sushi Vendor, and it’s great

Sushi is a great option for students using meal plan.

Maria Glotfelter

Features Editor

Millersville students may have noticed a change in sushi vendors over this past semester. For students looking for a healthier option, the sushi can fulfill that. The new sushi is made by the company “Fuji-san,” which is also the affectionate nickname for Mt. Fuji.

    A few semesters ago, I first noticed the Anchor serving sushi. I was somewhat surprise that the originally Japanese food had infiltrated even college campuses, but I guess I underestimated America’s appetite for the dish.

    I would say the sushi is comparable in taste to that of the old sushi vendors. I can say this is a genuine opinion because I did not even notice the change in sushi vendor until after a friend had mentioned it to me. However, the rolls are definitely bigger.

MU’s sushi is not bad as far as grocery-store quality sushi goes, but I would not make a trip out to get it especially. However, comparing the sushi with the general college selection of food for meal plans—it is definitely one of the better choices. Sushi can be a particularly accommodating meal choice for students who are not eating red meat or are avoiding gluten.

    I am a commuter, so I don’t usually get food on campus. When I do, the sushi or a wrap from the Galley are usually my choices. There are a variety of types of sushi available, and they are sold at both the Anchor and the Galley. Prices range from around $4.50 – $6.00 for five pieces of sushi. Like I said, not bad for cheap sushi.

    Compared to ordering sushi at a Japanese restaurant, I would say the sushi at MU has much stickier rice, and it also a lot colder as it has to be refrigerated. The fish doesn’t taste bad, just not quite as fresh, which is inevitable if they’re made ahead of time and subsequently stored.

    The sushi is served with the usual wasabi, ginger, and a pack of soy sauce. I recommend using the soy sauce, even if your sushi does have spicy sauce on top as some of them do. Sometimes, it is considered rude to the chef to add your own sauces when ordering sushi out. Rest assured, I do not think Fuji-san cares in the slightest what your put on your sushi.

    The only complaint I had was trouble finding chopsticks at the Galley, though this could entirely be my own fault.

    If you don’t want to make a trip out to Lancaster for some sushi, the stuff at MU is an okay option. I would give it a solid 6/10 for sushi and 8/10 for college food. I’m not going to go out of my way to get sushi from MU, partially due to my being a commuter. However, if there comes a day again, which I am sure there will, where I forget my lunch or am simply too lazy to pack one up, the sushi is definitely a go-to for a quick, mostly healthy meal.