Julia Snyder


Millersville University radio station, 91.7 The Ville, will be hosting Grammy-nominated metal band August Burns Red for an exclusive interview on Wednesday, October 4. WIXQ Station Manager, Carl Schulz, will be live on-air with August Burns Red starting at 5 p.m.

“The plan right now is to do a 30 minute interview. I’m considering playing some of their music in between; they’ll have an album out two days later. I don’t know if they will be giving me an advanced copy [of the new album] to play. If not I’ll just play what has been released and some of their older stuff,” said Schulz.

Approximately a dozen WIXQ officials and DJs will be joining Schulz in the station for the interview. August Burns Red stands out as one of the most notable metalcore bands to come out of Lancaster, and is one of the largest bands to ever visit the WIXQ station.

“This has been my number one goal for the two years that I’ve been a part of WIXQ,” said Schulz. “They’re considered to be at the forefront of metalcore and they’ve got a huge outreach . . . On a larger scale, they’re a lot bigger than this little radio station.”

A previous WIXQ station manager supported Schulz’s interest in inviting August Burns Red to campus, and suggested he reach out to their public relations representative. After multiple attempts to reach out to the band through official channels, Schulz decided to try contacting the band directly.

“Their PR person . . . got back to me and said ‘we’ll set something up’ and it never happened. Then last year I emailed them again through their PR person and she never got back to me . . . I emailed the band directly this year and within two hours they were back to me saying ‘yeah let’s do it, let’s set something up,’” said Schulz. “It turns out just cutting out the middleman was my solution the whole time.”

Schulz hopes that this interview will be the first of many big names to come through Millersville University.