College will be the place you pave the road for your success

In today’s college environment, there is a lot of people with opinions. College students are vocal in their opinions. There are few, however, that are willing to get their opinions published. What I mean by this is student publications. This can also mean any student organization at your college. The skills you get from organizations can be used for a lifetime.

The reason that I think this is because I think that college is the time for students to be vocal and voice their opinions. You are allowed to make mistakes in college, and by making those mistakes, you learn. Is learning not the whole point of college? In learning from your mistakes, you become a better person.

What does this have to do with student publications and student organizations? The main connection that I see is that students that are in various clubs and organizations want to be in college. They want to succeed and they have a drive to succeed. That quality cannot be found in every college student. That is okay though, because college is not for everyone. By surrounding yourself with your peers in college, you become better at interpersonal communication. You get better at conflict resolution, and you become a lot more fluent in the way that organizations function.

The reason all of those qualities are important is because there is another reason to go to college. It is rather obvious when you think about it. Do you not want to make yourself marketable? What I mean by this is your resume. By being in organizations and getting involved you make yourself look good. Look at me for example, I am in the Snapper and the Magic the Gathering club. Holding an executive board position in each organization. I am Opinion editor for the Snapper and Vice President of the Magic club. I recently got an internship at Lancaster Newspaper. I think that this success can be tied to me being in multiple programs, publications, and organizations.

By being in these positions, I believe, I make employers look at me closer than someone who was not involved in anything. I am being strategic with my time. Doing things that not only make me happy, but give me a sense of satisfaction. Being in organizations or publications gives the sense that you are willing to give time to something that is bigger than you. That you are willing to be someone people can rely on and talk to.

What gives me pause on this is the fact that so many people do not participate in more than one organization. I understand that a person could have a job or something of that nature, but I firmly believe in making the best of college. This is an unrealistic expectation and I accept that. At least it is unrealistic for some students, but a lot of students are able to.

That is what is great about college. The opportunity that it gives you. You will change by going to college. You have to embrace that change and use it to your advantage. Use the change and create change for the causes you believe in. Another story from me, I got the clock tower at the SMC to be lit up blue for Autism awareness month last April. That is a huge accomplishment for me.

I have done a lot with college. As have many other students. This success stems from a willingness to do something with a person’s life. A willingness to be successful and be productive. Stay great Millersville students.