Global Education wants YOU to study abroad!

International students share details about their experience at Millersville

Sade Palmer

Associate Features Editor

Carmen Martinez and Robert Hellwig are both international students here at Millersville for the semester.(Sade Palmer/Snapper)

Think to yourself, if you had the opportunity to study anywhere in the world where would you go? Paris? Rome? London? Imagine what it would be like to live in another country for a semester, maybe a year. All the people you’ll meet, places you’ll see, and the experiences you’ll have. Studying abroad can get you doing all those things plus more. The Global Education office here at Millersville can help you get there. With plenty of people in the office helping you step by step with the process. There are plenty of benefits to studying abroad, one being it will be an amazing addition on your resume. Also, not only are you experiencing another culture first hand, but you’re also gaining an amazing life skill. You’ll have the chance to learn how to adapt in another culture. Many students may think they want to study abroad, but get discouraged beca
use of multiple things, such as the costs, and even being away from home for such a long period of time. The Global Education office here at Millersville has different partnerships with schools all over the world, which means they allow students from all over study abroad here. Each year, the university admit plenty of exchange students. This semester, there’s students from countries such as Germany and Spain.

Robert Hellwig, a senior from Germany studying Political Science and Carmen Martinez, a junior from Spain studying Chemistry are both here at Millersville for the semester and are both excited to experience America. In a brief sit with the two it was clear that they are happy to be at Millersville and look forward to their time here.

What would you say are benefits of studying abroad?

Both agreed to the same benefits of studying abroad. Stating how cool it is to meet new people, improve your language skills, and to see another culture/country.

Why did you choose Millersville?

Martinez: Millersville was the only university that teaches her major with partnership at Universidad De Burgos

Hellwig: Millersville has a partnership with home university, Phillips-Universität in Marburg, Germany.

Any advice to students who’s going abroad?

Martinez: Try to have an open mind and do not be afraid to try new things!

Hellwig: Come to Germany! Also take advantage of the different opportunities the university offers.

Is there a to-do list while you’re here in America?

Both students said they wanted to travel. Robert wants to travel around the East Coast first, then make his way to California. While Carmen wants to visit New York, Washington, and Philadelphia. She also stated she really wanted to improve her English while here.

Would you recommend a student to study abroad?

It made sense that both students said yes. “Yes, it is one thing that you have to do in your life” Martinez says.

Both students wanted to thank the Global Education office for their help. At the office, they have a few core values in which they follow. Those values are, exploration, professionalism, public mission, integrity and compassion. For more information on study abroad opportunities, visit the Global Education office at the Cumberland House, search on Millersville’s homepage or call the office 717-871-7506.