Mastodon releases more A+ music

Image courtesy of Broadway Word

Nick Hughes

Opinion Editor

Mastodon’s latest EP, Cold Dark Place feels like a mix of southern metal and sludge. It
successfully melds the two genres in a spectacular fashion. Mastodon has once again
reinvented the standards of sludge metal. The nice slow crawl of the opening track, North Side
Star, leaves the listener in love with the style of the album. The mood immediately changes
with the second track, Blue Walsh, with a faster tone. The guitar work is at a godlike tier. Where
lead singer, Brent Hinds, plays at a level that is all his own. This genre does not have a lot of
notable bands, but Mastodon has once again carved a niche spot in a genre that they never had
before. The highlight of the album is the third track, toe to toes, where the 11 minute song
blasts away with ferocity and technicality. The solo last a good three minutes, but never once
did I get bored. Most solos get boring after a while. This one boasted a diversity to it that very
few bands are able to achieve. The drumming, as usual, is a bit above the rest of the
competition. The complex song structures are a treat to listen to. The whole album oozes with a
funky, bluesy vibe. Grade A+