Millersville University Dining offers a fresh perspective

Alex Bershstein

Staff Writer

The Upper Deck hosted some fresh delicacies from the local area last week. Taking advantage of many plant-based appetizers, entrees, and dessert. I taste tested the vegetable and fruit related food selections.

The Quiche was flavorful, but this is because of the cooked spinach and crust. I got a second slice because of its great mix of salty and tart taste.

Corn was corn. Even though it was fresh. Most corn in Pennsylvania is in a not-so-similar authenticity of freshness. Considering that it is around the time that corn gets harvested.

The sweet potato pie seemed to be masquerading as pumpkin pie when I first tried it. I was new to the concept of potatoes in pie form. Convinced I had eaten the wrong pie at first, but the label and the lunch-lady do not lie. The taste of sweat potato was nonexistent as I stated before. Nonetheless, it was delicious! The spices and crust took the forefront of taste responsibility.

The tomato focaccia was a lovely combination of pastry and fresh-cut tomatoes. It was like pizza, but with simple minced strings of cheese atop the tomato per bread slice. The bread held a flavor of its own that delivered as crust after the consumption of the tomato and cheese. I had seconds because of its taste.

The salads were not equal in deliciousness. The cucumber tomato salad was flavorful. This depended on whether I bite into everything at once, or the vegetables one at a time. The potato salad needed more potato to make the taste milder. The strong taste of the cheese condiment was too much.

The quiche and the and tomato focaccia were my favorites of the fresh week. Although none of what I taste tested was unappetizing, the corn is the least tasty out of everything. This is because of the lack of cutlery and cooking involved before eating it. I hope there are more special food events like this in the future. Flavorful, fresh and healthy food is something people desire in their day to day meals. I hope that this type of event continues.