Star Wars is not heading for the trash compactor

Captain Phasma was underutilized in Episode VII, but that will not be the case for VIII.

JJ Abrams takes Over


“I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.”- Obi Wan Kenobi.

While no one died, this is what a lot of people felt concerning the recent controversy of Colin Trevorrow. Trevorrow, of “Jurassic World” fame, was fired as director of “Star Wars Episode IX.” Which, at the time of this writing, has no official title. I think that in the wake of this controversy, fans should let JJ Abrams, the new director, do what he does best. That is making a great film.

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I take Star Wars and all things that have to do with Star Wars serious. You could say it is a passion of mine. When I heard about Trevorrow’s firing, the first thing I felt was alarm. I thought to myself that they screwed up my Star Wars. There would be no Episode IX and Star Wars would fall off into obscurity. I was wrong with this assessment, to say the least. I started looking for a new director, even though I have no influence in that department. I came to the same conclusion that Lucasfilm did. Get JJ Abrams back.

It is my opinion that Episode VII is one of the better films in the franchise.It is not the best, “Star Wars episode V: The Empire Strikes” back still has that title for me. Regardless of my opinion for ranking the movies, I think Abrams will do a great job. He has already proven himself as a capable director for Star Wars.

Episode VII is one of the highest grossing films in a long time. It had $247,966,675 in domestic opening weekend sales, and $936,662,225 for domestic box office. You can add another $1,122,000,000 if you include worldwide domestic box office totals. That is a lot for one movie and Abrams was the director of said movie. He has a successful track record so far. That much is obvious.

Furthermore, I believe that Abrams, having already known most of the cast, will be a great replacement for Trevorrow. This is not to say I will not miss Trevorrow. The Jurassic World movie was phenomenal and I think it is one of the best movies, besides Star Wars of course, in recent memory. Lucasfilm and by extension Disney is doing what they think is best for the franchise. I will trust their judgement on this one.

What worries me about the director change is that it could become a trend. For example, the original directors for the standalone Han Solo film, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, have been replaced by Ron Howard. It is a trend that seems to be developing as of late. I would prefer that the directors stay the same. I understand that creative differences might get in the way and I also understand the need to flesh out the Star Wars story. Seeing as there is little content when compared to the old Expanded Universe.

That being said I think that I will watch all the new Star Wars movies regardless, but I am going into Episode IX in 2019 with a little apprehension. The same can be said for the Han Solo standalone. Whatever the case, I will still love Star Wars and I cannot wait for all the new content. May the force be with us all.