MU Dining employee makes wraps with love

Julia Snyder


Millersville students now have the option of having their wraps made with the special ingredient that can be found in every home- cooked meal: love.

Julia Lenz, an early childhood and special education major, includes the word love, a heart or a smiley face drawn with the condiment of the diner’s choosing in each sandwich that she prepares at The Galley deli counter.

“I have different styles for the different condiments. If it’s honey mustard or ranch, I actually write love in [the wrap]. But if it’s caesar or hot sauce or mayonnaise I’ll do a heart or a smiley face. So it’s still the thought…It still makes people happy,” said Lenz. “My favorite is ranch and hot sauce, I’ll write love and then I’ll do a heart with hot sauce so it’s like double the love.”

Lenz begins every interaction with students while she’s at work by asking the other person how they’re doing or how their day is going. These simple questions often leads to conversations that allow Lenz to establish unique connections with her peers.

“Honestly, you don’t know what kind of day someone is having, and a lot of people are very honest with me, some people are like ‘oh I’m not doing so well.’ I try to bring them up, because you would be that first person to bring them up, to make their day better and i want to be that person for someone,” said Lenz.

This unique approach to bringing some cheer to the Millersville student body
is not the only way Lenz strives to brighten campus; the senior student is very present on campus, and can always be found with a kind or helpful word. In addition to her job at The Galley, Lenz works at the SMC Informa- tion Desk, is a member of the SHARP Team and was also an Orientation Leader. Even when Lenz is assigned to different stations while working at The Galley, she always attempts to talk to each person she interacts with. Lenz credits her inspiration to brighten the day of each person she meets to her religious upbringing.

“I’m very religious and that’s where I get my positive outlook. It’s a major part of who I am. I want people to see my light so it can be shared with other people” said Lenz.

The encouragement to continue making wraps with love comes from responses Lenz gets while she’s on campus.
“I’ve had a lot of positive re- sponses, so that’s why I keep doing it,” said Lenz. “My big- gest goal in life is to change the world and I want to do it in a positive way.”
Lenz has been an employee at The Galley for two semestersIMG_0272.jpeg, and has no plans to change the way she greets the students in the dining hall.