Zoe Berrier

Associate Features Editor

Different color leaves are one of the signs that fall is here. (Zoe Berrier/Snapper)

Whether this will be your first autumn on campus, or your last, it is something to enjoy at Millersville. The leaves will change color, the air will get cooler, and the nights will become longer. So, what does all this mean? It means you will have the perfect opportunity to get those Fall Instagram photos near the pond, you can finally wear your sweaters, drink all the hot coffee and chai lattes you desire, and get some more time to enjoy the stars in the crisp night air! Oh, and don’t forget about the arrival of pumpkin flavored everything.

Remember, this season is fleeting, so try to enjoy it with any spare time you may find between the many classes, school work, and jobs all college students must juggle. Stop and smell the roses, or in this case, the crisp fall leaves! Autumn on campus is sure to be filled with fun and engaging activities to look out for in

The Snapper. With Homecoming, football games, haunted house trips, and much more on the horizon you will want to keep your eyes and ears peeled for exciting events. Millersville has a ton of events for the fall semester, stay tuned for the fall fun.