Millersville students love Javaville

Maria Glotfelter

Staff Writer

There are comfortable seating available for customers. (Maria Glotfelter)


Javaville is a coffee establishment located con- veniently off-campus right off of Prince St. and across from the House of Pizza. Javaville has been around Millersville for about six years. They are open year-round, but their schedule does revolve understandably around the college semester because their summer hours are cut. Entering in Javaville, students are welcomed by the friendly owner and workers. The comfy coffee shop had some recent additions to their fun menu, which is drawn colorfully with chalk in various shades. Besides serving their usual coffee, breakfast wraps, and sandwiches, Javaville now serves ice cream. Like many other coffee shops, students can buy bottled drinks such as teas or energy drinks in addition to the hot beverages served. In addition to the traditional breakfast items, Javaville also serves smoothies.

There are plenty of tables and outlets around for students to utilize. The inside is decorated with wooden tables and chairs, as well as two comfy armchairs located in one corner. There are plenty of spots to sit down with your laptop and type away that overdue essay. Besides the furniture, several warmly colored abstract paintings contribute to the soft, relaxing atmosphere.

You can enjoy homemade food and drinks that are made just for you. (Maria Glotfelter)

Everything in the small coffee shop contributes to the comfortable atmosphere from the people working there to the furniture. Upon ordering, customers are free to sit down until their food or drinks are ready. Sometimes the owner will bring out the food, which makes visitors feel very at home. Some soft classic rock music plays in the background while students and customers sit to sip their coffee. There are also classic board games such as Scrabble, Monopoly, and Connect 4 available for customers to use. Most of the business is to go in Javaville, which means it is usually quiet, particularly in the early hours of the morning. Students gradually start trickling in more and more around 10:00am, grabbing a quick coffee before their late morning classes. For students tired of the bustle of Starbuck’s or Saxby’s, Javaville provides an alternative atmosphere for studying. For students looking for a more personal coffee shop, definitely check out Javaville off of Prince Street. Whether students are looking for a place to stop by and grab a quick coffee or somewhere to stay a while to do their homework, they won’t be disappointed.