Kyle Brady

Sports Editor


Cherry Hill Orchards
Cherry Hill Orchards is the perfect local spot for a Fall date. (Photo Courtesy of

As the calendar changes from September to October, something changes in the minds of all singles. A sudden urge for companionship, that has become synonymous with the arrival of the autumn season.

This urge has cutely been labeled “Cuffing Season” as singles are more inclined to search for a partner to brave the upcoming winter with. While summer is seen as a time for freedom and self-discovery, fall has quickly developed into the season of romance.

Students, and all singles in the Millersville and Lancaster areas are no exceptions to the allure of Cuffing Season. While meeting someone and starting a relationship can be exciting, new problems arise from this sudden occurrence of companionship. While trying to impress a potential partner, the worries of making lasting impressions can cause stress to both parties involved. For locals however, there are plenty of interesting ideas to make a perfect, memorable date.

Nestled in the farmlands of Lancaster lies Cherry Hill Orchards. Owned by the Haas family since 1971, Cherry Hill is one of the leading orchards in the area. In the summertime, their orchards sprout cherries but in the fall, their main attraction begins to bloom.

Beginning in August, Cherry Hill Orchards opens their land for people to come and pick their own apples. This activity has been a popular one for couples in the area and will serve as a great date for new couples.

The proximity to campus makes it a short drive for anyone living close by and the appeal of apple picking is sure to make for a unique date. When couples arrive, those who would like to pick their own apples are given a large wicker basket to carry around the orchards.

While this may not be the most exhilarating of first dates, it is a great way for couple to bond as they browse the hundreds of apples waiting to be hand-picked from their tree. Since the orchard stops producing fruit in November, this is also a great way to bid farewell to Mother Nature for the winter.

Taking a partner to Chery Hill Orchards is a great dating spot for students due to its beautiful simplicity and its affordability. The chance to bond over an activity that not many people have done will result in an incredible first date; plus you both get to leave with some delicious apples.