Sade Palmer
Features Editor


She is a well-known activist, author, recording artist and film producer with much wisdom. She is Sister Souljah.

Well-known activist, author, recording artist and film producer Sister Souljah comes to Millersville University.

Known for her perceptions on education, racism and poverty, she graced the audience Monday night in the Multipurpose Room of the Student Memorial Center with her inspiring words. She’s written for national magazines such as Essence and The New Yorker.


A graduate from Rutgers University and the author of five national best sellers such as The Coldest Winter Ever. Presented by the Black Student Union and NAACP College Chapter at Millersville University, Sister Souljah showed why she is known for these wonderful things. She began her talk with saying that college is the place where you can find that in yourself. When talking about college, she says “the thing about being a college student is that the purpose of your training here us to graduate and become a problem solver. Problem solver of the problems that affect you, your mother, your father, your brother, your sister and your community.” Saying that she often faced fear growing up because she was born in The Bronx, New York and into poverty. She spoke about her time growing up and in college and some of the opportunities she was blessed with. Encouraging students to take chances and do what you need do to be successful for not only yourself, but for your family as well. She shared her stories and advice, as well as opening the floor for questions to students. Asking her things such as when will she release her next book and how she came to generate her organization. Sister Souljah was speaking highly on the importance of seeking your identity for most of the event. Giving the audience different examples of how she found herself and some of the things she went through. Sharing her traveling experiences and some of the challenges she faced while trying to do so. She also talked about some celebrities she knows and have met such as LL Cool J and P Diddy. Her words were well put together and you could learn a lot about her from hearing her speak. She’s had plenty of accomplishments and opportunities because of what’s in her mind. This event is one of many from both the NAACP and the Black Student Union, they have several events during the semester.