Datey with Brady: Traintown, USA

Traintown, USA is a local spot perfect for a fun date.

Kyle Brady

Sports Editor

Traintown, USA is a local spot perfect for a fun date.
Traintown, USA is a local spot perfect for a fun date.

About 20 minutes southeast of Millersville’s campus lies the cutely titled Traintown, USA. In
reality, this is a tourist attraction in Strasburg, PA that is all based around the local rail roads.
While mostly visited by families with small children, Traintown, USA provides an unrivaled
atmosphere for couples on a date.

If not familiar with the area, this attraction would be easy to miss due to the limited advertising
and lack of promotion. Its conscious anonymity is the source of charm for Traintown and
ultimately, makes it a habitual stop for people across the state. It is also this charm that makes
Traintown, USA an ideal spot to take a loved one on a date.

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One of the main attractions that couples can enjoy is the Strasburg Rail Road. Passengers take a
45-minute ride around Lancaster county to take in the beauty that the area has to offer. While
the ride itself can provide an enjoyable experience, every so often, there host theme rides. In
addition to the 45-minute ride, seasonal events are held on selected Saturdays. Passengers of
legal age can experience a “wine and cheese” ride, while people of all ages can take part in a
murder mystery dinner on board. Both events run through November, putting a different twist
on fall date nights for couples.

When the ride is complete, Traintown, USA offers more train-themed attractions that makes
this date more than a one-stop event. The Train Museum offers an inside look at numerous,
actual-sized train cars while informing about the history of trains in Lancaster County. This
museum serves as a great way to pass the time before your reservation at one of the train-
themed restaurants close by.

Keeping with the train theme, the Strasburg Rail Road Dining Car is another moving train that
offers romantic views of the landscape while passengers enjoy their meals. The Strasburg Rail
Road Dining Car’s usual hours are from 11 AM to 3 PM but on some occasions, they will hold
events that will keep this mobile restaurant on the go deeper into the night.

Before leaving Traintown, USA, couples can end their date by indulging their sweet tooth’s at
the Trackside Café. Depending on the weather, their ice cream may be the best choice, but if
the temperature drops a little lower, the café offers candy to take on the road.

Traintown, USA provides locals with great insight to how trains have changed the culture of
Lancaster County by making the area a fun place for everyone to visit. If done in the right
manner, Traintown makes a great host for all couples looking for something more than just
dinner and a movie. Whether your train knowledge is limited, or you consider yourself a
ferroequinologist, a fall evening in Traintown, USA is a date night all local residents should do
before the winter buries miles of train tracks under a thick blanket of snow.