The Wellness Column: Social Wellness

Social wellness is integral in helping you thrive as a person.

Nick Hughes

Opinion Editor

In part 2 of the wellness column, I will be looking at social wellness. Which is one I need work on to be honest. Social wellness does not denote to just interaction with others in my opinion. It also looks at how you interact with others. Are you out for yourself or are you more group oriented? Those type of questions pop up for me a lot.

With having autism, most would say I do not have good social wellness, and to that I can retort that I do. What I want to convey is that you do not have to be social all the time to be socially well, you can be social when you are comfortable being social. When you are social, I think it is important to pursue harmonious relationships and bonds.

An example of this comes from an odd place. That place being majority of the metal community. People who listen to metal, for the most part, are listening to it because they like it and they do not care about social norms or anything like that when they are listening. That is something that metal has that I have not seen in other genres, but that is another story altogether. What I mean by bringing up metal is that the community is harmonious in a few things. We are accepting. If you like metal, you are a part of the community. No if ands or buts about it. The metal community is diverse in that sense. We are there to listen to music and we do not care what your background is. We just want you to enjoy yourself.

I can say with great confidence that metal has bridged many gaps for me. It seamlessly allowed me into a greater community. That is just one example of the power of social wellness. It is up to us as a school to facilitate this type of atmosphere. I have seen many cases of it at Millersville and it makes me proud to be a student here. One such event was the bingo event that promoted autism awareness. Which is an issue near and dear to me. I see a lot of acceptance and tolerance in Millersville lately, and I am happy that it is like that currently. Social wellness is a part of this whether we realize it or not.

Stay well Millersville.