Rebecca Rubino
Staff Writer

Last Sunday, the Chicago Bears headed down to New Orleans to take on the Saints. Much to his surprise, it would be the last game Zach Miller played for the NFL.

Miller was drafted in 2009 to play for the Jaguars. During the three years with Jacksonville, he had only played in 23 games.  

In 2013, Miller went to play for the Chicago Bears.

He thrived in Chicago during the 2016 season with 47 receptions for 486 yards along with 4 touchdowns in only ten games. However, he broke his foot during Week 11 and was out for the rest of the season.

He was not off to a great start at the beginning of the 2017 season. During Week 8, Zach Miller was running a post route into the right corner of the end zone. With a fair hit from New Orleans, Rafael Bush, Miller landed awkwardly onto his leg while still gripping the ball.

The two players got tangled up resulting in the dislocation of Miller’s left knee. Miller was rushed off the field and immediately taken to the hospital. Subsequently, doctors found that the dislocation caused his popliteal artery to tear.

To make the situation worse, the touchdown was no good. The catch was overturned due to Miller’s lack of control over the ball.

Many times, a tear in the popliteal artery leads to amputation if not immediately noticed.

With quick action, doctors were able to save his leg and perform the surgeries swiftly.

In the past, there has been numerous reports of football players struggling with leg amputations after vascular operations.

Despite never finishing a full season, Miller has managed to have a successful career with a total of 146 receptions, 1631 yards and 15 touchdowns.

Miller does have many more surgeries to undergo, but his family and friends are excited and hopeful about how far he has come throughout this recovery process.