International Education Week arrives at MU!

Global Education uses International Education week to provide information about study abroad opportunities and showcase cultural aspects of campus.
Students participate in a global education program.
Students participate in a global education program.

Sade Palmer

Features Editor

It’s International Education Week here at Millersville and you’ve by now, you’ve probably had
the chance to participate in the activities scheduled. Students and faculty have the chance to
learn more about Global Education and different international relations. In case you missed it
here’s a breakdown of the different events from this week. There were plenty events for the
week to educate students in a fun way about international relations and education. It started
off on Monday, November 6 with Global Education Tabling which allowed students to learn
about the services of Global Education and opportunities to participate in international events.
Tuesday there was the CAE Workshop which focused on how to develop and lead an MU guided
study abroad program. Those who attended learned about ways to design and lead a successful
short-term study abroad experience. They also had the chance to network with different faculty
and students who have familiarity with the process. Tuesday, also featured the first
International Harvest Festival. Meeting and talking to international students while tasting their
recipes from back home, also having the chance to take home some recipes! Some other events
from Tuesday included, Workshop: Selling Your Global Skills in which students learned about
applying their international experiences for employment, and Tea Time with Global Education
which students enjoyed tea, coffee and snacks while talking with each other about
international matters. The big event for Wednesday was the Multicultural Showcase featuring
student performances, photo booth, free food from around the world, free t-shirts and a Global
Fashion Show by F.A.H. At the showcase, everyone in attendance had the chance to explore
creative themes showing off international knowledge and skills! Thursday there will be a study
abroad open house which students have the chance to learn about different study abroad
opportunities available at Millersville. This will be an information packed session, but when you
find out the great possibilities it’ll be worth it. Starting at 10:00AM at the Cumberland House
until 3:00PM. A fun way to end this week’s events will be Photo Fridays, which gives students
the chance to take their passport photos for just $5. Traditionally, passport photos range from
$7-$10, attending this event gives you the chance to save money while taking the next step to
your international experiences.