Millersville fencing goes to Drexel

The Millersville Fencing Guild travled to Philadelphia to take part in an all day fencing event. Ten different universities, including Millersville, were invited to attend.

Alex Bershtein
Staff Writer

Millersville’s Fencing Guild went a tournament hosted by Drexel in Philadelphia on Saturday November 4th. The tournament lasted from 8:00am-5:00pm at the gym of the Daskalakis Athletic’s Center on the second floor. Thirteen members of the guild attended, as well as two alumni. The Millersville attendees that got involved in the bouts, or one-on-one fencing duels, included three members for the sword-style of saber, four for the sword-style of foil, five for the sword-style of epee, and one member who decided to dabble in both foil and epee.

There were some contributors to some mismanagement of Drexel’s hosted fencing tournament. An unusual amount of ten colleges were invited, and normally the amount is usually nine are in attendance per tournament meet. The colleges invited included the host Drexel, University of Delaware, Bryn Mawr, Swarthmore, Temple University, University of Maryland of Baltimore, The U.S. Naval Academy of Maryland, St. John’s College of Annapolis, St. Mary’s College of Maryland, and Millersville University.

An issue unfolded when the fencing group from St. Mary’s College of Maryland did not show for the event. Certain colleges, which were supposed to duel against St. Mary’s College of Maryland, had to patiently wait for other colleges to finish their bouts with one another. The overall absence of the college led to their pre-planned opponents winning by default, including Millersville. However, because of the time allotted and scheduling conflicts that resulted with St. Mary’s College absent the amount of college fencing groups in attendance not all colleges faced one another. Millersville was thus not able to go bout with Bryn Mawr or the host of the tournament, Drexel. A rescheduling of bouts at the next tournament will have to suffice in the Spring.

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Despite the complications the Millersville Fencing Guild had some great moments. One of the saber veterans won vast amounts of bouts. One of the foils had pains in one of their knees, and despite the holdback they managed to get involved in a few duels.  Yet the joyous moments for the guild was seeing its new recruits winning their first fencing tournament battles, whether in the sword-style of saber, foil, or epee.