Names released for Identity Evropa’s vandalizers

Ian Hoffman, left, and William Clark, right, were revealed as the two people who posted the Identity Evropa fliers at Millersville is October. Photo courtesy of Raging Chicken Press.

Julia M. Snyder

A WordPress blog titled Raging Chicken Press released an article Oct. 27 which identified the individuals who posted Identity Evropa recruitment flyers on Millersville University and Elizabethtown College’s campuses.

The article features images of two young men posting the flyers in the Francine G. McNairy Library and the Winter Visual and Performing Arts Center. Though it is not clear what exactly is on the fliers pictured in the images, the timestamps on the images line up with the students who stated they saw the posters on campus.  These images were captured by the university security cameras and were obtained from Millersville University in compliance with a “Right-to-Know” request.

The men in the images, who have been identified by Raging Chicken Press as Ian Hoffman and William Clark, have been confirmed as individuals with no ties to the Millersville Community; they are not students or employees of the university.

“They look for us to respond,” said Millersville University President John Anderson. “They’re out for getting their name recognized.”

There have been no further reports of Identity Evropa flyers posted on campus. According to the administration, the organization has also stopped attempting to contact the university through Millersville social media accounts.

The Millersville University administration did state the the flyers posted by this white supremacy group do not echo the university’s EPPIC values of Exploration, Professionalism, Public Mission, Integrity and Compassion.

President Anderson also noted that the removal of university-sanctioned posters from campus property will be qualified as an act of vandalism. The university requires any poster placed on campus property from outside organizations to receive a university-sanctioned stamp from the SMC Information Desk containing the dates that the information will be displayed. If a student notices an image missing a SMC stamp, they are encouraged to alert a member of university faculty or staff to have the poster properly recorded and removed.

Raging Chicken Press is a liberal media site based in Kutztown, Pa. Since its founding in 2011, this publication focuses on content based in the Southeastern Pa. region.