Mickayla Miller

News Editor

Ah, ‘tis the season for peppermint, ornaments and tinsel. Afterall, Christmas is right around the corner, right? Let’s forget everything that happens before then.

Or, not.

While many are itching for it to be winter, others are forgetting that fall still has a full month to shine, and in that month is a holiday which has been loved for many, many years: Thanksgiving. So, as you’re cruising through the aisles of the recently winter-adorned Target, do not be fooled; there is still more fall to be had. Here are some things you can do to enjoy fall while it lasts!

Take a stroll through Cherry Hill Orchards

Cherry Hill is amazing for many reasons, but one of the biggest perks of these orchards being so close to home is that they’re open year round with fresh fruit. Right now, they have pumpkins and apples galore. Even if you don’t want to carve them, as per the tradition for Halloween, you can still toast the seeds for a yummy snack, or you can use them as decor. Those who are more ambitious may even use them to make pies! They also have many different types of cider, which can be enjoyed both warmed and chilled. All in all, you’ll be a happy camper!

Make some candy apples

Apples are a staple to many fall dishes, and for good reason. They’re in season, so this is the time of year where you’re going to get the best crunch and flavor, as well as the best bang for your buck.  

What you’ll need: 8 Granny Smith apples, 4 bags of soft caramels, 3 tablespoons of heavy cream and whatever toppings tickle your fancy.

Directions, according to justataste.com: “Wash and thoroughly dry the apples then press a lollipop stick firmly into the top of each apple. Line a baking sheet with wax paper.

Unwrap the caramels then place them in a medium saucepan set over medium-low heat. Add the heavy cream and cook the caramels, stirring occasionally, until they melt and the mixture is a smooth consistency. Reduce the heat to low.

Dip each of the apples into the caramel mixture, shaking off any excess and scraping any caramel off the bottoms of the apples. Roll the apples in your preferred toppings then place them on the lined baking sheet. Refrigerate the apples for 15 minutes or until the caramel has firmed up. Serve the apples immediately or store them in the fridge until ready to serve.”

Thrift shop at Community Aid

With fall comes sweater weather! Stop by Community Aid Thrift Shop to find some new threads, be it a sweater that looks like it came from the 90s, or a surprisingly cool Aerie find. Whatever your style may be, there will always be something that complements your figure at a thrift shop. Date idea: take your significant other to a thrift store and agree to spend no more than $10 finding an outfit for them. Whoever comes up with the most atrocious outfit gets treated with a dinner of their choice. Of course, you’ll both have to wear the outfits!

At the end of the day, just remember to embrace fall in all its glory! It’s easy to get swept up with the charm of Christmas, but there is still a lot of time to enjoy Thanksgiving and fall. Before too long, it’ll be snowy and freezing.