Dark Knights Metal Series

Nick Hughes

Opinion Editior

There is a darkness in the air when it comes to DC comics. That is, when someone thinks of the
Dark Knights Metal series that DC is currently running. Dark Knights Metal is DC’s latest series of
monthly comics that feature, for a lack of a better explanation, alternate versions of Batman.
These versions of Batman include some sadistic individuals, The Batman Who Laughs being the
most notable. He is a combination of the Joker and Batman. The other versions include The
Dawnbreaker, The Destroyer, The Drowned, The Merciless, The Murder Machine, and The Red Death.
These are combinations of Batman and Green Lantern, Doomsday, Aquaman, Ares, Cyborg, and the
Flash respectively.
The series is being penned by legendary comic book writer, Scott Snyder, who has also written
many other Batman comics, such as the court of owls. He has also written Swamp Thing comics.
What is cool about this series is that it is the most metal series that DC has ever done. It has
brutality, metal-like imagery, sacrifices, and most important of all there is a sense that there needs to be
a soundtrack done by the likes of Slayer the whole way through reading it.
Out of all the Dark Knights the Batman who laughs seems to be a fan favorite. At the time of
writing this article there is not an origin story for him specifically. There are origins for a bunch of them
have already been released.
The whole series is creating quite a buzz amongst the comic book community. There was a lot of
behind the scenes set up for this comic book and it looks to be a great series so far. Look for the comics
in local comic book stores.