Kyle Brady

Editor In Chief

In this fourth and final edition of Datey with Brady for the Fall 2017 semester, the dating spot to take a significant other for the holidays is New York City. This is a different take than the previous editions because New York City is not exactly a local spot for a date. But, New York City in December exudes an atmosphere that is unparalleled.

New York City is an exciting place to begin with but add in the magic that comes from
the holiday season and you have the perfect date. From Lancaster, there is actually and easy
method to get to the Big Apple. The Amtrak station in Lancaster has a train that goes directly to New York, with a few stops along the way. Taking the train is a cheaper and faster option than driving which makes it great for people with quick access to the Lancaster train station.

It may seem like asking what to do in New York City is a silly question but there are so
many different options for tourists to choose from that it may be overwhelming. Going off of a
standard college student’s budget, a Broadway show or a trip to the top of the Empire State
Building seem unlikely. If possible those are great options, but this is more about affordable
options for a day trip to the city.

There is absolutely no shame in being a typical tourist while visiting New York City.
Spending a lot of time in Times Square can take up a few hours with the tremendous clothing
stores, seemingly endless food options and the addictive hustle and bustle of the city.

Stores like H&M, Express and Polo while expensive, offer many clothing options not
found in smaller stores across the country. Even if you don’t purchase anything, browsing the
unique stores and trying on clothing can be a great way to spend time in the city.

If you plan on spending the day in New York, you will probably eat a meal or two there.
Making the choice of where to eat can also be overwhelming. Some people make the mistake
of travelling to New York City just to eat at a chain restaurant.

There is some appeal to the over sized and overpriced restaurants like Bubba Gump
Shrimp Co. and Hard Rock Café, but the real charm comes from the small business restaurants
that span the entire borough of Manhattan.

Going to a restaurant whose existence was unknown to you before the day began can
surprise you with great food at a low price. Also, if you get hungry for a snack, New York boasts
the greatest pizza for a low price. Some restaurants offer a slice of pizza for one dollar or two
slices and a soda for around two dollars. This is also a great option for a college student’s
budget and the pizza quality is much higher than the few dollars it is sold at.

Another great idea is to take a stroll around Central Park. It is within walking distance
from Times Square, but weather permitting, a cab may be a smarter option. It is a 15-minute walk but depending on where in Central Park you would like to go, it can take longer than half
an hour.

Also in the vicinity of Central Park is one of two Dylan’s Candy Bars. The one near
Central Park is a little smaller than the one near Greenwich Village but it offers the same wacky
flavors of candy. Some of the crazier candies cost a pretty penny but Dylan’s Candy Bar offers
their infamous chocolate bars with interesting flavors like S’mores and Dark Sea Salt. For those
daring with their food selections, there are also Pizza and Bubblegum flavored chocolate bars.

Perhaps the best part of travelling to New York City in December is experiencing the
greatest city transform into a Holiday Wonderland. Rockefeller Center displays a huge
Christmas tree, people can watch ice skaters on the famous rink and shoppers can venture into
theme stores like the Lego, M&M and Disney stores.

Even with the reputation of being an expensive destination, it is possible for college
couples to visit New York City and have a great date while not breaking the bank. The best time
to travel is anytime in the month of December so it is time to start making plans to visit the city
that never sleeps.