Sade Palmer

Features Editor

Everyone has probably had a time in their lives when they thought to create something great,
that will impact the lives of young children. That’s what Aliyah Elijah had in mind when she
thought of creating STEMLand. Elijah a senior, Early Childhood Education major here at
Millersville created an organization named STEMland along with others, the mission to promote
Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics inside urbanized neighborhoods. Abdul-
Raheem Elijah, senior Computer Science major, Ebony Hodges, senior Early Childhood
Education major and Joshua Williams, MU Alum with a Bachelor’s degree of Science in
Respiration Theory are the other great minds behind the STEMLand organization. Wanting to
provide opportunities in urbanized communities by spreading knowledge through “mentorship,
educational programs, interactive science workshops and engaging discussions that will help
build successful futures” are some of the key factors that make up STEMLand. In an email
interview with Elijah, she answers a few questions about the organization and what it is about.

Sade Palmer, Features Editor: What motivated you to create STEMLand Science Foundation?

Aliyah Elijah: It’s obvious that not a lot of minorities go for degrees in Science. It seems a
though there’s a time throughout public schools where children begin to hate science or think
it’s too hard. As I recollect on my elementary and middle school experience, I don’t even
remember learning science at all. It wasn’t till this summer I started working for Girl Scouts of
Eastern Pennsylvania doing STEM activities for local recreation centers and I realized how
important it is that these kids receive more opportunities to get involved with these activities.
We need more minority children to take on these types of majors and excel in these fields.
Which is why I started STEMLand, I was tired of kids not being interested in science because of
a silly reason.

SP: What are your long-term goals with this organization, what do you hope to see within the
next 5 years happen to the org?

AE: Within the next 5 years I would like to see STEMLand make an impact on minorities across
the country. Hopefully in the next year we will officially be a 501c3 non-profit and have
partnerships with local recreation center and after school programs so they can provide the
community with STEM programs.

SP: Do you have a team of people who helps you with events and functions that you host for
the organization?

AE: Yes, so my very first member is Joshua Williams. As soon as he heard that I was starting an
organization for kids he immediately wanted to be a part of it. He is currently a general board
member and Mentor for STEMLand. We also have my brother, Abdul-Raheem Elijah, he
currently serves as our website coordinator and a mentor. He’s working on the STEMLand
website, which will be done soon! Then we have Ebony Hodges, because she’s so creative she
serves as one of our workshop coordinators.

SP: What would you say are some benefits of having STEMLand, like what are some of its
outcomes that you are proud to be a part of?

AE: Besides waking up every morning and knowing I have a purpose in this world is the best
feeling in life. One major benefit is seeing the smiles on the kids’ faces while I’m demonstrating a science experiment. It feels as though the best way to serve your community is to either give back or educate. Making learning fun is something I’m very good at.

SP: If someone wants to get involved with helping the organization, is that possible? If so,
how will they do so?

AE: If someone wants to get involved with STEMLand I encourage them to email In the email state, exactly how you want to be
involved. Even if you have questions or inquiries you could email us also. For all donations, you
could go to our GO Fund Me page by going to the Go Fund Me website and searching “The
STEMLand Science Foundation” or by going to this link .

It’s always refreshing to see students active and involved with bettering the community.
STEMLand is still in the beginning stages of its existence, but there’s a strong hope that it will
grow and go a long way in the future. Aliyah encourages everyone to follow the organization on
social media, Facebook: The STEMLand Science Foundation
Instagram: @Stemlandfoundation to learn more information about the organization and any
upcoming events.