Abigail Risser

Staff Writer

In 2004, “The Incredibles” was released, making $633 million and becoming a classic. Thirteen years later, the first trailer for the long-awaited sequel was finally released on Nov. 18 to announce the movie’s release this coming summer (June 2018). The trailer begins with the youngest son in the family, Jack-Jack, and is the main focus as he crawls through a wall and uses laser vision to slice the ‘I’ in Incredibles in half. That is then followed by Mr. Incredible holding up Jack-Jack and announcing, “You have powers! Yeah, baby,” with the baby continuing to show off his variety of powers. Although the trailer doesn’t give any more information on the plot of the movie, it is evident that it will be another family oriented plot. The trailer also poses the question of whether or not a super-powered baby will be dangerous to have both at home and when battling enemies. There are no dates confirming if other teasers will be released before the movie, but the wait was reduced by a year thanks to the prolonged production of “Toy Story 4,” which swapped dates with “The Incredibles 2.” Mark your calendars for June 15, 2018 and get ready for (hopefully) another amazing movie from Pixar.