Julia Snyder

Staff Writer

By some miracle of education, I’ve managed to find myself at the end of my time as an undergraduate student. While I celebrate the end of my time at Millersville, I’ll also be mourning the end of my time at The Snapper.

I fell into this organization almost by accident. As a shy freshman in a new place, with some unfortunate changes to my health, I didn’t have much of a chance to branch out and get involved on campus. I was fortunate enough to find an editor of The Snapper in one of my courses, and she opened a door for me that I had not expected to find in college. My first article was printed on the front page, above the fold. It was a train wreck of an article, but seeing my name in print was a thrill that I began to chase.

At the end of my sophomore year, I had found friends on this staff. So when a spot opened up for a leadership position, I took a chance. I was excited to step up as the managing editor of the university newspaper during my junior year, and I was even more excited to work alongside one of my best friends as she ran the organization. But that was as high as I had hoped to go, there was no doubt in my mind that I did not want to lead this organization.

As my time as managing editor ended, I found that the idea of being the Editor in Chief was no longer such a strange concept. I had found purpose in my position, and the lessons I had learned from working so closely with my predecessor made me feel prepared to tackle the challenge. So I took an even bigger chance and put my name on the ballot. And I was actually voted in.

This semester was my last semester of college. Where most editors have a full year to work in their position, my time was cut short. And I will never be able to thank the staff enough for all they have done. I will carry the experience and lessons I’ve learned at The Snapper for years to come. The memories I have made in the office in the bottom of the SMC will be some of the best memories I’ve made in college.

This is not a goodbye article, it’s a thank-you note. This organization has meant much more to me than I would ever have guessed. I’m honored to have had the chance to leave it.

So thank you very much to each person who has helped me along the way. And good luck to those who will continue on with this tradition.