Alex Bershtein

Staff Writer

To a Millersville student, their Millersville ID Card is one of the most important item that they carry. It is used for an abundance of everyday situations for students. Uses can be general identification, usage of money through MAX or FLEX accounts, admission to Millersville hosted events, and even entering campus facilities.

The average Millersville student living on campus will use that card almost every day and a commuter will use it almost every weekday of the semester they are attending classes, and because of this, losing that ID can send any student into a panic.

Experiencing this panic causes students to want to find their Millersville ID card as fast as possible. They do not know where to go. Having to decide whether they should search or simply pay to renew another card. Usually ending up choosing the latter. Since searching for their card is stressful.

There are scattered lost-and-found crates across campus. One at the information desk at the Student Memorial Center, every cafeteria, library, certain education facilities, and the admissions office at Lyle Hall. When a Millersville ID is found it can end up at any of these numerous locations because whoever finds the ID takes it usually the lost-in-found box closest to them.

The ID could have been dropped next to the fountains by the library, but the person may have worked at the Winter Center and choose to leave it in the lost-and-found there. This kind of situation may cause the Millersville ID to be placed in a location a student is unaware of. Maybe a place they do not visit as his or her classes are located primarily elsewhere in other buildings. A student usually may not have the time, nor communication and knowledge to recover their Millersville ID card.

There is a lack of organization for this difficult situation, and there should be one location where all the lost IDs are sent. The best locations are the information desk at the Student Memorial Center or the Boyer Building where the cards are renewed. Students can easily be given their IDs back at the same place they’re made. If there was a system to help alleviate a student’s worry on this matter it would helpful to ease an exhausting situation. When there is worrying about eating and entering university facilities.