Millersville ELCM program helps graduating students

The ELCM building was established to help graduating students figure out how to navigate their career choices after college. Photo courtesy of Seth Hoffman.

Seth Hoffman
Staff Writer

The 2018 spring semester has begun at Millersville University. Students have returned from winter break and have begun the final semester of the school year, and for some, the final semester of their academic career. For seniors graduating in May, this semester may be filled with more stress and anxiety than past semesters.

For those seniors, important decisions have to be made that could impact the rest of their lives. Some students may be struggling with what they want to do after they graduate. Options may include applying for jobs immediately, attending graduate school or even taking some time off to think about the future. For some the choice is clear, but for others there is a question mark beside their future plans.

According to Generation Opportunity, the unemployment rate for millennials ages 18-29 stands at around 13% which is about 8% higher than the national average unemployment rate. These numbers could frighten some college students who are graduating, but students should still have a plan for their post academic career.

Cameron Trump, a senior who will graduate in May with a degree in speech communication with an emphasis in broadcasting and minor in entrepreneurship, has a good idea of what he wants to do after graduation. Trump says, “I’ve been looking at jobs out of state in numerous career fields, but I’m also very interested in enrolling in graduate school abroad. It’s really up in the air at the moment.”

Students like Moriah Woods, a senior majoring in early childhood education, has been planning for her life after college for a while. Woods says, “I started putting together portfolios of my work as a junior and continued to add to them as I completed more work that is worth going in a portfolio.”

Woods is another student who has a strong idea of what path she will take to finding a job after college. Woods went on to say, “I’m going to apply to a bunch of schools that are looking for teachers and also schools that have extended school year programs (summer school). If I don’t get hired immediately I plan on substitute teaching until a position opens up.”

But what about those students that are unsure of their future? Millersville University offers great opportunities for students that fall into this category. Each semester the university holds a job and internship fair where employers from all over come and showcase their companies. This event is a great place for students to network and learn about different career opportunities. This semester’s fair will take place on Mar. 27.

Millersville also provides career planning assistance with their Experiential Learning Career Management (ELCM) program. According to the ELCM website, they provide students with “student-centered career programs, experiences and learning opportunities to assist you in achieving your personal and professional goals.”

ELCM also has employees who will sit down with students and personally assist them with planning out their future by exploring different careers or majors that they might be interested in.

Students who are graduating have the right to be anxious about their futures. These students shouldn’t panic, instead they should start using resources that the university provides to plan out their future and begin to form an idea about what it is they want to do.