Mickayla Miller
Managing Editor

Film is important. It can move, persuade, engage, entertain and inform, making it one of the most captivating and essential art forms that presently exists.

Jill Craven, head of the English department, saw the need for a film studies major. Alongside the likes of Changfu Chang, Theresa Russel-Loretz, Victor Capecce, Shauna Frischkorn and Deb Sigel, Craven was able to write a proposal that eventually got approved. As of the spring 2018 semester, Millersville has a film studies multidisciplinary program.

Until this semester, film studies was an option for the English majors. It was only utilized as an area of specialty, however. The all-encompassing film studies major offers a conglomeration of courses hosted by the Communication department, as well as the music, entrepreneurship, art/design, and English departments, respectively.

It was argued that film is a growing field, encompassed by people in many roles. There are artists, technicians, actors, writers and composers, just to name a few; the film studies major offers a comprehensive look at the ins and outs of the industry, and emphasizes the importance of visual creators, regardless of what their niche may be.

There are two core programs woven into the new film studies major: film, and art/technology. The film core will focus more on the analysis and narrative of the respective films, whereas the art/technology core will be comprised of more technical classes, geared towards photography and audio.

As of now, there are only a handful of students enrolled in the new major.
For more information about the film studies program, contact Jill Craven at Jill.Craven@millersville.edu.