Nickolas Hughes

Opinion Editor

Star Wars is at a place in its life where, I would say, is its second prime. The first being the original trilogy. I still think The Empire Strikes Back is the best movie of all the Star Wars movies. I would even go as far to say the best movie of all time. That is my humble opinion. I am writing today not to glorify the past, but to look towards the future, and I will also briefly reflect on last years movie, The Last Jedi.

To start, The Last Jedi gets better each time that I see it, a total of eight times. At first, I gave the movie a solid seven out of ten, but now I rank it nine out of ten.

I will now give the token spoilers are inbound sentence. You have been warned. If you read further, The Last Jedi will be spoiled, and you will have no one to blame but yourself. Alright, now that that is out of the way, I will talk about the Last Jedi.

It was a phenomenal movie and I think that it outdid The Force Awakens. Granted, Canto Bight was a low point in the movie, but I felt it was necessary. What would have made that scene so much better was the inclusion of a certain ex-smuggler named Lando Calrissian.

That aside there was some scenes that did not make sense to me. Such as the now infamous Mary Poppins scene. While I was shocked that Admiral Ackbar was killed and Leia was not, it took me a couple viewings to figure out why I hated that part so much. The truth is this, Carrie Fisher is dead, and it is a disservice to her be in Episode nine. It is an absolute travesty and I believe it dishonors her.

Now on to another couple controversial deaths, although I do not see the controversy in one. Supreme Leader Snoke is not dead, in my opinion at least. I have thought about both for awhile and I have come up with a couple theories about everything. Snoke was not there, or at least there is a doppelganger Snoke or something of that nature. I have even been contemplating that Snoke is doing an essence transfer similar to Darth Bane and Darth Sidious actions in the old expanded universe.

Now, Luke Skywalker needed to die. I will probably get some heat from that statement but hear me out. He is the last of the Jedi, at least the old dogmatic order. This is mainly guilt by association though. He was trained by Obi-Wan and Yoda and they are both of the old order. The notion of a gray Jedi has been floating around since events with Asoka Tano in the Clone Wars and Rebels. I put forth that Rey or Kylo Ren will become a Gray Jedi in the next trilogy movie. I am not sure which, but I have some theories bubbling in my head currently about all of that.

Luke saw the corruption that was the old Jedi order and realized that he needed to end it. This of course was at the moment Yoda shows up in force ghost form. Yoda, I think, realized this as well. There are a ton of theories about that tree and I could write a whole article about just that. To be honest, I could write multiple articles about many different scenes in the movie, but I will end speculation and theory crafting here and move on.

At the time of me writing this sentence, it is Monday, February fifth. The day after the Super bowl, which I watched for one singular purpose. I needed to see the Solo teaser trailer. It may have been only 45 seconds, but I was satisfied with it because I knew of the trailer that debuted the next morning. I was anxious about the teaser because of the lack of content thus far about the movie, and the teaser gave me very little to work with. At this time, I am still analyzing the trailer and the teaser and I promise to have a reaction piece in the next issue of the Snapper. To preview, Donald Glover is the new Lando, and I am ecstatic about that.

That about does it for me and my state of the union. Look for Solo: A Star Wars story in theaters Memorial Day and look for more Star Wars content from me, Nick Hughes. I am also going to take the time to reveal my official Sith name. Some may already know this, but I go by Darth Paxis, and I hope to see Millersville students challenge me for my title of Sith Lord of Millersville. Remember, the force will be with you, always.