Brenden Curry
Sports Editor

Like the Philadelphia 76ers, the Millersville indoor track team’s motto this year is to “trust the process.”

Their hard work has earned the program their first ever national top 25 ranking in program history at 23rd. Last year, the track and field program didn’t graduate any seniors. This season, they had this mindset that this was going to be our year.

Last year, the track and field program didn’t graduate any seniors. By adding talented freshmen with all of the experienced upperclassmen, and great coaching, have contributed to their success. 

“It means a lot to get the Millersville name out there in the track community,” junior thrower Sunflower Greene said. “I think we have been seen as underdogs for awhile and now we have the momentum to be in the top scorers.”

Senior Aniya Gibbs stated that being ranked 23rd nationally shows how much progress the program is making and that “our hard work is paying off.”

1600 and 800-meter runner (indoor) Amelia Davis said that “the girls have been doing well” this season. 

“The team ranking is the accomplishment our entire program has been working toward, not just the current team members,” Davis said. “It’s the first time our women’s team has been nationally ranked, and it gives us a proud feeling.”

The team is led by head coach Andy Young is in his ninth season as Track and Field head coach at Millersville. He also serves as head coach for outdoor track and field and cross country teams.

Gibbs stated that Coach Young has had a huge impact on the team by encouraging her and her teammates to do the best they can and to believe in themselves.

Davis stated that Coach Young helps her and her teammates stay on track as a team. He also schedules individual meetings with each team member to talk about academic and athletic goals.

“The national ranking is a fun thing to highlight individual achievements within our team,” Coach Young said. “I think it indicates that we have a strong team culture with some national caliber athletes.”

The notable name of the indoor track team is junior thrower Sunflower Greene. She has broken school and personal records in throwing events this season. She recently broke another PSAC and Millersville record in shot put at the Fastrack National Invitational on February 9.

“We likely wouldn’t be nationally ranked without Sunflower’s achievements,” Young said. “It’s been fun and exciting to see what she does every week.”

According to Coach Young, the work ethic of Greene and her event coach, Brittany Hartman have both been instrumental in Greene’s continued progression.

Davis stated that Greene is full of energy and enthusiasm, which motives the team in the weight room, at practice, and in competition.

“Sunny is a leader by example, Davis said. “She shows us what it means to be all-in, and the results that come from being passionate and dedicated.”

Another contributor to the indoor team’s success is the 4 x 200m relay team. Team members, Emonie Reviere, Lenaiya Flowers, Clara Forney and Courtney Ingold set a record time of 1:45.05  at the Susquehanna challenge held at Susquehanna University on February 3.

“We’ve had several girls over the years make it to nationals, but this is recognizing us as a whole,” Davis said.

Coach Young believes that with two weeks left, fans may see some more records set and broken in addition to some All-Americans.

He added that outdoor is important because Millersville does not have an indoor practice facility. Coach Young also stated that the team prefers the outdoor season and the team are built around that idea.

“We are excited for the outdoor season,” Young stated. “Indoor is just a tune-up for outdoor.”

Gibbs noted that the team goals for the rest of the season are to continue making small permanent changes, like form and block starts, that will make a huge difference in how they run during the outdoor season, to keep a positive team atmosphere, and do the best we can at PSACs.

“We are dedicated to hard work and developing positivity within this team,” Young commented. “Of course, we want to compete for a PSAC championship too, but we need to remain focused on what we can control which is our culture and work ethic.”

Coach Young said the national rankings are fun, but what matters to him and his coaches is the culture of the program has and helping to develop good student-athletes who are going to graduate college.