Joey Hess
Associated Sports Editor

There was a long-awaited party on Broad Street last Thursday following the Philadelphia Eagles winning their first Super Bowl in franchise history.

Eagles fans from all over the country traveled to the City of Brotherly Love to get a glimpse of the Super Bowl Champions.

Philadelphia sports fans have waited a lifetime for this moment and they did not disappoint. There have not yet been an official attendance release, but some officials are estimating around 700,000 fans, while others are saying over a million. Regardless of the turnout, it was certainly a day to remember for Eagles fans all over the country.

The nearly six-mile parade route began at the Philadelphia Sports Complex and then traveled down Broad Street. The parade’s grand finale included a ride down the Benjamin Franklin Parkway to a ceremony on the famous Philadelphia Art Museum steps.

The team’s owner, general manager, head coach, and players took to the podium to deliver brief speeches regarding the Eagles’ progression throughout the season along with thanking the great Philadelphia fans for the support all year long.

Some of the more notable speeches came from the underdogs themselves, Lane Johnson and Chris Long. Johnson and Long rallied the fans together in an attempt to break a world record for the loudest “E-A-G-L-E-S” chant of all time.

In addition to the underdogs, Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles went on to thank the fans for all their support during the journey. Pro Bowl quarterback Carson Wentz was welcomed to the podium by a sea of screaming fans chanting “MVP!’” after being snubbed for the 2017 NFL MVP Award.

The highlight of the ceremony and the entire parade came from Eagles center Jason Kelce. Kelce was decked out in Mummer’s attire and delivered quite possibly the greatest victory speech in the history of professional sports.

Kelce began his speech by talking about how general manager Howie Roseman was almost nonexistent within the organization prior to the 2016 season. He noted that Roseman came out “a new man”, and fittingly, an underdog.

He continued to reiterate that different media analysts rated Doug Pederson the worst head coaching hire of all time. Kelce also listed several teammates and their perceived flaws given to them by several different media organizations.

Kelce was firing up the fans throughout the entire speech and the fans continued to fuel his fire. The historic speech concluded with Kelce leading the fans in the famous “No One Likes Us” chant, which hammer’s home the idea that nobody likes Philadelphia sports fans, yet they do not care.

This parade set the bar high for others to follow in this city. Eagles fans deserved this and they hope to make this a regular occurrence for many years to follow.