Michael Brockett
Staff Writer

On March 30, 2018, Mr. Roger Bruszewski will be retiring from being Millersville University’s CFO/ Vice President for Finance and Administration. Bruszewski is looking forward to some relaxation and time away from a college campus.

“It will be nice to just get to read a book to read a book,” Bruszewski stated.

Bruszewski has dedicated himself to the college community for 40 years. In 1977, he began his career as a professor and chair of Business Management at Misericordia University, progressing into the position of Chief Information Officer for the school in 1981. In 1984, he left to become chairman and associate professor of the Business and Commerce Division at Daemen College. He returned to his role as Chief Information Officer in 1988 when he moved to Frostburg State University in Maryland. He remained at Frostburg until 2007, moving his way into the role of Chief Fiscal Officer for the school, also temporally overseeing enrollment management during his tenure.

In January 2007 he came to Millersville University becoming CFO/ Vice President for Finance and Administration. 11 years until his retirement this spring, Bruszewski has overseen Accounting, Budget, Purchasing, Financial Aid, Human Resources, Sustainability, Dining/Conference Services, Informational Technology, and Facilities.

In 2010, Visual and Performing Arts was brought under his division after the Pennsylvania Academy of Music in downtown Lancaster was purchased in 2009, renamed the Ware Center for classes and events. Bruszewski stated this was one of his biggest accomplishments during his time at Millersville University. He also managed over a $300 million budget to renovate buildings including the SMC, McNairy Library, Stayer Hall,and athletic fields by Pucillo Hall.

The largest project he oversaw was a project few were aware of. Starting in 2014, over 46 miles of copper tubing was replaced across the campus to provide a more stable and energy efficient electric grid. The only sign that this project was happening over the two years was when classes would be cancelled due to scheduled blackouts around the campus. His final project he will get to see before his retirement is the completion of the Lombardo Welcome Center, the campus’s first net-zero energy building.

He has been proud of the transformation of the university, and reflects on the students he has seen over the years. “Being around students keep you young,” Bruszewski states. While he will miss the students and campus, he is looking forward to the downtime in retirement. He plans to spend a lot of time with his family, especially his grandkids. He hopes to travel during this time as well.

He remarks that 27 of the 40 years he was employed was under the leadership of a woman. Bruszewski states that women have always held a large role in his life, leading to possibly writing a book about these women and the impact they had on his life. With these plans ahead and a long career behind him, he is ready to begin this next chapter.

While he will miss Millersville University, he states that “the school has made it 150 years already.” However, his contributions and guidance has helped to shape the university and facilities that students experience today.