Joe Finn
Staff Writer

In an incredible feat, the Millersville Marauders men’s basketball team triumphed over the nationally ranked Shippensburg Raiders,  87-84 on February 7.

The Marauders halted Shippensburg’s winning streak for the second straight season. Shippensburg was ranked No. 19 in Division II basketball rankings this season before the Marauders ended their winning streak.

Key players who helped make this victory possible are returning veterans Marcus Adkison and Jordan Greene. They each contributed enough points to ensure the team’s positive momentum throughout the first half.

Adkinson made the Marauders come out strong, with shooting 25 points from the 8 out of the 11 attempts in total.  He also drilled 7 out of 8 three-pointers, making his first six shots.

Jordan Greene added to this stellar beginning with 21 points, scoring at least 20 or more for his third game in a row.  In the first half, Millersville managed to sink a season-high 14 three-pointers, making 12 of the 19.  

When Marcus Adkinson made his 15th point, a three-pointer with 7:15 to go in the half, that ensured him at his 1,001 shot in his basketball career at Millersville. Adkinson’s 20 first-half points, helped lead the Marauders to a 54-45 halftime lead.

By the time the second half came along, the Marauders were on no verge of slowing their steam anytime soon.  Millersville made only two three-pointers in the half, one from Adkinson, and another from Marauder guard James Sullivan. The Marauders managed to hang on and hold a 62-52 advantage in the second half, with 14:57 left on the clock.  

The Raiders responded with brute force using players like Dustin Sleva and John Castello.

Eleven rebounds with 27 points was accomplished by Sleva, while Castello racked up 24 points and nine boards.  Castello cut Millersville’s lead down to 70-69, with the Raiders back up and only 8:36 left of the game.  Millersville made sure to counter Shippensburg every time they could.  

About six times during the final eight minutes, the Raiders cut the lead to just one point, leaving only 4:28 left, and a Joe Marshall layup tying the game at a 79-79 draw.  However, Millersville had an unbeatable offense throughout the game, with five different players accompanying to the Marauders’ momentum.  

Aside from Adkinson and Greene, they had guard Conrad Chambers, along with forwards Caden Najdawi and D’Marco Suggs, who all scored some retaliatory shots in the final seven minutes.

For the final finish, Chambers’ right-handed scoop shot was just what Millersville needed to land an 85-82 lead with less than two minutes remaining.  He managed to achieve 15 points and seven assists for the whole game.  Shippensburg’s leading three-pointer shooter, Justin MacArthur, was their only hope for a tie, but his one shot missed. The Raiders also stepped out of bounds when they were on the defensive rebound, giving Millersville back the ball while taking away 24 more seconds away for Shippensburg.  Marauders guard Jamal Washington went for a layup but was blocked by Sleva with only 28 more gripping seconds left on the game clock.

Shippensburg’s Clay Connor was fouled from behind while sprinting up the court and missed his opportunity to make the basket. This left Castello the golden chance to grab the rebound and successfully put the Marauders back in an 85-84 lead against the Raiders. In a panic, the Raiders fouled Adkinson, who sailed both of his shots for the definitive three-point lead.  

With two more possessions, the Raiders failed to get back on track. Sleva was called for traveling while trying to make a three-pointer, as Conner’s inbound pass slowly sailing into Castello’s arms.  The Marauders finished off with a remarkable 87-84 victory over the nationally ranked Raiders.

Overall, Millersville shot 55.6 percent from the field, while Shippensburg shot 50.9 percent.  The Marauders will play their final home game of the season against Lock Haven University on Saturday, February 17.