Glossier: The newest beauty world phenomenon

Glossier is a beauty brand with a new approach when it comes to marketing.

Zoe Berrier

Associate Features Editor

You may ask, what is Glossier? If you don’t already know it’s a highly recognizable beauty brand that was launched in 2014 by Founder Emily Weiss, which she unveiled on the blog Into the Gloss by releasing the first four products. You could spot the brand’s classic millennial pink bubble wrap pouch anywhere. One of the main reasons the brand has gained so much popularity is through their use of social media, on which they have a team that responds to all messages and comments, then using that information to find out what kind of products their consumer market wants.  People asked for a sunscreen that wouldn’t leave a white cast under their makeup, Glossier granted them Invisible Shield. On top of taking into consideration the customer, this brand is also conquering the high -end beauty market when it comes to affordability, with products ranging from $12 to $35 in price.

The Instagram worthy packaging spread quickly over Social Media, and soon the brand was able to expand shipping to parts of the world outside of the United States. While the brand doesn’t have an official set of stores, they do have what they deem “Showrooms” where customers get to experience the makeup, skin care, and fragrances Glossier offers. You can purchase products here in person, if you can get to New York City. Most recently, and most notably, Glossier made a trip to the Grammy’s Red Carpet on the Queen herself: Beyoncé. Everyone is eagerly awaiting Glossier to announce the mystery product that adorned Bey since it was left cleverly open ended like a mad lib on her Makeup Artist’s Instagram.

Overall, the rise of Glossier is important to note, since they are using a strong social media strategy to go up against some much larger companies with more expensive products. This brand is certainly shaking up the beauty industry.