WIXQ gives a voice for everyone to express themselves

Located on the lower level of the Student Memorial Center, the WIXQ studio provides a chance for students to experience being a real DJ. Photo Courtesy Sade Palmer/ Snapper.

Zoe Berrier

Associate Features Editor

WIXQ is one of the many clubs and organizations Millersville’s campus has to offer, but this particular organization has a special niche: there is none.

The club has lunches together open for any member from 12 to 2 Monday through Thursday. The lunch discussions mostly consist of current events, such as taking jabs at Fergie’s most recent performance of the National Anthem and updates on the Olympics. Eventually the conversations dissolve into debating albums and musicians. Once on the topic of the station, the manager Carl Schulz explains the basics of the club.

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Carl says the station is free form, meaning that as long as what a member is playing follows FCC (Federal Communications Commission) guidelines they are welcome to play what they wish. This isn’t just a music station, but a place for anyone to express themselves. The station manager jokingly refers to it as “more of a cult than a club” in “the most endearing sense of the word”. They have a variety of shows from Christian to 50s music played by somewhere around 80 active DJs. Even if you aren’t looking to do a regular show, the club allows you to learn how to use the equipment and do a show upon request.

The club follows a local music initiative and are always trying to bring in new artists, when one group gets popular they go on the search for the next thing. The station even interviewed August Burns Red as part of their mission to break in new music. Along with this, proceeds from the station are donated to the nonprofit Music for Everyone. “Doc”, also known by his real name Ralph “doc roc” Anttonen, was the club adviser for 37 years and looks forward to the station’s 50th Anniversary in 2019 as he still visits the students daily.

Some of the members shared their top reasons for sticking with the club. Alicia, a freshman, said “you’re allowed to be really awkward”. Carl stated for him it was “a home [on campus] that people don’t know about”, he considered himself before to be very introverted. WIXQ is not only a place to feel yourself, but a place to gain knowledge as well. Students work with real equipment and broadcast to listeners across Lancaster. “Even if I don’t go into meteorology broadcast its still a good experience”, Nick, another member of the club who is currently a meteorology major, stated. Overall, members of the club gain a lot more than just an activity to list on their resume.

So, if you are new to campus and looking for a space to call your own, or you are still trying to find that spot that feels like home, consider joining WIXQ.