Star Wars and Alternative Facts

March 29, 2018

Nick Hughes Opinion Editor The Star Wars community is in an uproar right now, and for an odd reason. There have been videos by various YouTubers about the Solo: A Star Wars story poster. In . . .

“March For Our Lives” Students Spark Hope

March 29, 2018

Julia Walters Staff Writer “Welcome to the revolution.” This is one of the first phrases I heard by student speaker Cameron Kasky while attending the March For Our Lives rally in Washington D.C. this past . . .

Back in Time: Apple makes its debut

March 29, 2018

Peyton Powell Staff Writer Where would we be with our computers and our phones? More specifically, where would we be without Apple products? If it weren’t for this day, April 1st, 1976, the world may . . .

Prepare for the Blue Beard

March 29, 2018

Nick Hughes Opinion Editor April is a big month for me. The reason that is, is because I have autism, and April is autism awareness month. It is the month that I can bring awareness, . . .

April is Autism Awareness Month

March 29, 2018

Nick Hughes Opinion Editor April is Autism Awareness Month. On April 2 this year, the world will be celebrating Autism Awareness Day. What exactly is autism though? How does someone know if they have it . . .

Curling fever sweeping the nation

March 29, 2018

Pat Clemens Staff Writer The United States fared well and picked up a plethora of medals at the most recent Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. However, one sport became of particular interest in the . . .

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