MU Intermurals: Revenge survives against C.O.D.E in close overtime victory

James Pearson/SNAPPER. Revenge was able to rally back against C.O.D.E with clutch shots at the free throw line to win their fourth game of the season Feb. 22 in overtime.

James Pearson
Staff Writer

During a Competitive Men’s Intramural league basketball game, Revenge defeated C.O.D.E in overtime to improve to 4-0 on the season.

Revenge began the regular season with a 38-24 win against TALK MONEY TEAM on Feb. 12. While C.O.D.E lost their first game to The Champion with a score of 45-39 on the same day.

On Feb. 15, C.O.D.E was able to get their first win of the season against Flo Balls with a score of 55-43 to better their position in the division. Revenge would go on to win their next game against Trust the Process with a score of 42-33.

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As the season went on Revenge would go on to win their following game by their second largest margin of 11 points when they defeated 0-76ers with a score of 60-49 on Feb. 18.

On Feb. 20, C.O.D.E would go on to win their closest game by one point against divisional opponent ShamGods with a score of 48-47. C.O.D.E won the game with a layup in the final seconds to clinch the victory.

Leading up to their game against each other both Revenge and C.O.D.E were coming off victories.

On Feb. 22, heading into the halftime C.O.D.E. lead Revenge by two points with the score being 17-15.

As the second half went underway C.O.D.E was able to keep the pressure on Revenge as they began increasing their lead.

Later in the half, Revenge began to make a comeback before tying the game at the free throw line. Revenge would go on to make one of their two free throw shots before sending the game into overtime with both teams tied at 31.

Revenge rallied in overtime and proved why they have not lost a game so far this year with a 40-34 victory.

Both teams look to have a strong finish to the season before the playoffs begin.

The next game for Revenge will be played on Feb. 28 against Flo Balls after defeating The Champion 53-51 on Feb. 25. While C.O.D.E faces opponent Trust the Process followed by 0-76ers on March 1.