Massachusetts: Visiting the Bay State

The state of Massachusetts boasts natural beauty and history. Photo Courtesy Patrick Clemens.

Patrick Clemens

Staff Writer

Massachusetts is the first Commonwealth at which we arrive. This distinction
makes the official name of the state the “Commonwealth of Massachusetts.” This title
means virtually nothing and is simply a decision by the state to call themselves something
the seems more indicative of an autonomous entity. Massachusetts was home to the
original civil unrest that would spark the American Revolutionary War, and the Bay State
joined the Union in 1788.

Massachusetts begins the lovely coastal scenery of southern New England. Boston
is a quintessential American harbor and home to a lot of great history. The Boston Tea
Party happened here, the USS Constitution is home-ported in Boston, Henry David
Thoreau’s Walden Pond can be found just outside of the city, and the list goes on.
Massachusetts is also home to the site where European pilgrims first landed on North
America at Plymouth.

There is also natural beauty, with a lovely coast on the eastern extreme of Long
Island Sound and Vineyard Sound. The state also boasts Cape Cod, a land formation
jutting out into the Atlantic Ocean with inviting sandy beaches and wonderful ocean
vistas. Massachusetts also has an escape-worthy wooded interior. If it was good enough
for HDT, it’s certainly good enough for you and me.