Brenden Curry

Sports Editor

John Bolton is more than a hawk, he’s an eagle. An American eagle.

As always, Pres. Trump broke the news on Twitter on March 22. Bolton will become the new National security advisor on April 9. He will be replacing Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, who will be retiring from the military after 34 years of honorable service to the United States.

“I am pleased to announce that, effective 4/9/18, @AmbJohnBolton will be my new National Security Advisor. I am very thankful for the service of General H.R. McMaster who has done an outstanding job & will always remain my friend. There will be an official contact handover on 4/9,” Mr. Trump wrote on Twitter.

So, who is John Bolton?

Bolton and his notorious mustache have served as a Fox News contributor. He was a notorious critic of former president Barack Obama, especially on the Iran deal. He is also a major contributor to conservative, right-wing think-tanks, and special interest groups.

He attended Yale University for his undergraduate and law degrees.

He served as President George W. Bush’s Ambassador to the United Nations in 2005. He also was involved in the Reagan Administration’s State and Justice departments.  

Bolton has been known to say aggressive language on the diplomatic stage. He has called for preemptive military strikes on Iran and North Korea along with receiving changes for each of those rogue states. He has also been critical of the United Nations.

I think it’s good to be feared, especially by our enemies. The Russians thought Reagan was nuts in the 80’s. What happened folks? Reagan got Gorbachev to the negotiating table and brought an end to communism in Europe.

Bolton and Trump seem to have the same nationalist, America first approach. Trump and Bolton also share that same trait of unpredictability in regards to foreign policy and military intervention. Unlike, Mr. Obama whose appeasement for one example, allowed Putin to instantly annex the island of Crimea like last Wednesday’s winter storm did the Millersville.

To me, presenting unpredictable on the world stage will force our enemies to respect and fear us. It will also force them the negotiating table as Reagan did with Mr. Gorbachev in the late 80s. Supposedly, that same diplomatic approach worked again when Kim Jong-Un invited Donald Trump for diplomatic talks regarding nuclear disarmament.

President Donald Trump made a great choice by nominating Bolton as his national security advisor. With the GOP majority in the House threatened this coming November, Trump needs to reassure his voters, like me that his agenda will make peace through strength great again. Bolton’s track record can assure the American people that the National Security Advisor position will no longer be a carousel.

John Bolton is the perfect choice for National Security Advisor is the shot in the arm Trump needs to ensure the maintaining of the Republican majorities to keep pushing the Trump doctrine on foreign policy.

Unapologetic patriotism for America is a trait that I look for someone who works at the White House. Which is the pinnacle reason why Donald Trump was elected. The America first doctrine of Mr. Bolton assures my confidence in our national security.

Peace through strength is my foreign-policy doctrine. I’m glad to see its Renaissance with President Trump as our commander-in-chief.

The big foreign policy issue that hits home for me is North Korea. I agree with former ambassador Bolton views on removing the Kim regime to bring peace and reunification.

As a Korean American adoptee, seeing peace and nuclear disarmament on the Korean Peninsula can assure the dreams of myself and many adoptees – meeting our biological mothers.

I am hoping that Mr. Bolton’s 40+ years of diplomatic experience can force North Korea to disarm its nuclear weapons. The supposed summit talks that Mr. Bolton will likely participate in with North Korea in May will bring peace of mind to me knowing that nuclear warheads will not be pointing my biological relatives in South Korea.

President Trump, you made a good decision here. Now, get back on track to maintain our majorities in the House and the Senate!